August 29, 2006

Do your research before you call

Posted in Misc, Stafford Loans at 9:41 AM by Joe From Boston

I spent the morning installing a new computer in our customer service area, listening to one of our representatives spend 10 minutes patiently trying to explain about Stafford Loans to a caller. And why they couldn’t simply fill out an application on our site and expect to get a Stafford Loan.

That’s one thing that amazes me about our customers – often times, they don’t know what they’re doing when they call. And what they don’t know CAN hurt them. It’s very important to learn about the different types of financial aid and how to get them, otherwise you could miss important deadlines and thus miss out on financial aid.

We get callers who want a Stafford Loan, but they haven’t even filled out the FAFSA yet. Without a FAFSA and an award letter from your school, you CANNOT get a Stafford Loan. It is not a loan you can simply apply for. I can’t stress this enough, because I see people who haven’t done research and thus lost out on several thousand dollars of federal financial aid because the schools have already allocated all their aid money.

Please research Stafford, Plus and Private loans. Do your homework so you don’t get burned.

If you have questions then please ask. Call your schools’ Financial Aid Office or leave a comment here and I’ll address your question in a post. Next post I’ll try to do a Stafford Loan 201 with more info that can help you.


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