October 11, 2006

‘Senioritis’ could spell trouble for incoming freshmen

Posted in Student Loan News at 10:25 AM by Joe From Boston

Does your high-schooler have a bad case of “senioritis”? Goodness knows I had a case of it. Then you should definitely check out this article.

California schools are revoking admissions for students who slack off. If your grades drop significantly, or you fail to completel the course of study promised in your application, there could be consequences. Here’s an excert, though I HIGHLY recommend you read the whole article.

“Colleges and universities from coast to coast are cutting students whose senior grades drop dramatically or who do not complete the rigorous course of study they promised in their application.

California universities have rescinded hundreds of offers for this fall.

For the first time this year, officials at the University of Washington in Seattle reviewed files of the 5,400 incoming freshmen and revoked the offers of 23 students. The university also sent a stern letter to 180 other students warning them to shape up.

“When they say, ‘I’m taking a fourth year of language, I’m taking AP (Advanced Placement) this and AP that,’ and when you see their final transcripts, it is underwater basket weaving and intro to breathing … you wonder if you are on the same planet,” said Admissions Director Philip Ballinger. “They don’t look the same. You were duped.”

Although the University of California, California State University and Stanford University have been revoking admissions for decades, they are becoming even more aggressive about demanding that students be ready for college work when they arrive.

“We want the students to be prepared. The biggest reason students fail in college is their preparation in secondary school,” said Jim Blackburn, a CSU enrollment director whose 23 campuses have been trying to reduce the number of freshmen needing remedial courses. “


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