November 22, 2006

Scholarship Scammers – avoid them!

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The St. Paul Pionner Press has a great article on scholarship scams that you all should read. I’m copying it below.  I’d recommend visiting for some great scholarships – and it’s completely free!   Also, you can download the third edition of their eBook free in PDF format, Student Scholarship Secrets.  It’s jam-packed with lots of tools and hints for how to track down scholarships.

Scammers line path to college cash. Why pay for scholarship info — it’s plentiful and free
With tuition costs rising, the scholarship hunt has become as ingrained in the college experience as midnight studies over a hearty bowl of Ramen noodles. But as students and parents search for scholarship money, they can end up getting scammed out of their own cash.

That’s why St. Thomas University biology sophomore Michael Blissenbach thought twice about the letter he got in September from a company called USA Scholarship Services. It said he’d been selected to apply for up to $7,500 worth of scholarships “designed specifically for students majoring in biology.”

For $25, the company seems to offer customized scholarships, with a hint that the information can’t be found elsewhere.

So he sent in the money and agreed to let the Watchdog know what happened. In the meantime, she investigated further.

The company had no Web site, and it was difficult to get a real person on the phone. A Google search turned up a warning on the admissions office Web site for Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, cautioning students about USA Scholarship Services and advising them to call the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau in Washington, D.C., where the company is located, listed USA Scholarship Services as having an unsatisfactory record. The bureau still has unresolved complaints on file regarding the company, said Edward Johnson, the bureau’s president and CEO. He noted the bureau has received 983 inquiries about the company in the past 12 months.

“We have concerns over their business practices,” Johnson said. “Primarily the advertising.”

College students or their parents typically receive an unsolicited letter indicating the company has specialized scholarship information for certain fields of study. But what arrives in the mail is nothing more than information the student could have found free on the Internet or from a school guidance counselor.

“There are a lot of red flags going up here,” said Barb Grieman, vice president of the local Better Business Bureau. That the company required payment for scholarship information, lacked a Web site and rarely had some available to speak to were warning signs that the company could be a scam, she said.

For Blissenbach, those warning signs proved true. A few weeks after he sent in his application and money, he received an envelope with 24 incomplete, photocopied scholarship offers, many with out-of-date information. Sixteen of them had nothing to do with biology.

Ike Onwo, the company’s owner, said it was Blissenbach’s fault for not reading the letter carefully.

“If you don’t like the services we offer, don’t fill out the application,” he said. “Whoever sent you this letter is just ignorant.” He insisted the original letter that goes out to students urges them to call for their money back if they’re unsatisfied with what they receive.

But the letter states only that you may get your money back if you “fail to qualify” for at least $1,000 in scholarships, and you have to send in proof that you applied for the scholarships and were denied.

Onwo also maintained this scholarship information couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Blissenbach disagrees.

“It was just a stack of photocopied information that looked like it was old — like it was written on a typewriter,” Blissenbach said. He added that he could have gotten better information through his school or from online databases at no charge.

Experts say that’s exactly what you should do.

Financial aid advisers can’t stress it enough — you shouldn’t have to pay for information on scholarships.

“Remember, the whole idea for a scholarship is that you don’t have the money, and you need to find it,” said Carrie Dieveney, who helps Century College students find financial aid.

Advisers at big universities and small community colleges alike said most of the scholarship information students need is available through their college or on the Internet. Any financial aid office could have found more accurate and complete information for Blissenbach, said Dianne Danov, associate director of the University of Minnesota’s Office of Student Finance, when she was shown what he got from USA Scholarship.

As for the company’s promise to find scholarships specific to his major, she said that’s something colleges can do, too.

Talk with an adviser or go to the school’s financial aid Web site, she says.

“Financial aid advisers are here to help students find a way to pay for college,” Danov said. “It’s our job.” “


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  7. CN Fisher said,

    HAHA HA HA – I received this Biology letter today. This is like the third letter my child has received. I wouldreally like to know how they get their information. The letter has the correct first name and address but the last name is no where near our’s. This is a form letter with an address label plastered on the front.

  8. Lisa said,

    Thank you; Thank you; Thank you. I also thought this mailing was strange. It had a computer generated label with my son’s name and address. We received the notice on August 21, 2012 stating he may receive a engineering scholarship for the year 2012-2013. We were just getting ready to reply when I decided to look it up on the internet and came across this site. The letter was signed by Ike Onwo and they wanted a reply by September 12, 2012. The website address they are using now is Scholarship Assistance . I will report this the US Postal Service as a scam. Thanks this saved us $29.00. This guy has been doing this since 2007 and he needs to stop trying to scam students and parents out of money that for education.

  9. Donica said,

    I just opened my letter today. I was sooo happy to hear! I thought it was because of my good grades and such. But then I was suspicious about the $25 fee. So I looked it up and clicked here. I’m kinda disappointed. But glad I looked it up !

  10. Jay said,

    My son received a letter from USA Scholarship today, 8/9/12. I’m usually suspect of unsolicited mailings like this. Did a whois search on their website…it was created 7/30/12. Their website has been up for only 10 days. Based on that as well as the other comments here, I’ll pass.

  11. alexa said,

    just received the letter on saturday, when i was about to open the envelope i thought it was funny that the envelope had a sticker stamp unlike most of the school related mail i recieve. when i was reading it and read about the 29 dollar charge i remembered how in highschool our teachers would allways remind us of how we should never pay for any scholarship or even for the financial Aid application. not gonna lie, i was about to fill it out when i googled the scholarship director’s name and this website was the fisrt one to came up. i m soooooooooooo glad i found it!!!!!!!!

    • Richii James said,

      Same thing here. I googled that Ike guys name because I thought it looked familiar, and the First thing that popped up was this. Good thing I did it

  12. Amanuel Kidanmariam said,

    Help Me

  13. Meggin said,

    I received a letter from this company May 29,2012 stating the same information and thank goodness I googled it before I wrote the $29 check..something should really be done about this, there is no telling how many incoming college students have fallen for this scam..

  14. Heather said,

    I just received my letter from them today as well for nursing. I knew better that to send money for a scholarship becasue I was told never to give money to receive a scholarship. Personally, I have received 3 scholarships and never had to send money to anyone. I just wanted to see if anyone else was receiving these scams, I guess that’s a big yes. I hope someone does something soon to combat this problem.

  15. PM said,

    My daughter received a letter today from USA Scholarship for nursing. I thought it was weird that someone would just send a letter and ask for us to send $29.00, so I decided to do a Google search and find this website. To my knowledge you do not have to pay to find scholarships, it’s FREE information. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in my area and hopefully they can make other people aware of this SCAM!

    • gerry said,

      I hope that they will do something to this kind of people….

  16. Laura Cappelletti said,

    My son just received this letter today. I almost wrote out a $29.00 check but it looked suspicious and I’m glad I did a Google search first. I also reported it on the post office link above.

  17. Ariel said,

    Haha! So I just called them (knowing they were fake) and I told them I did research and that everyone says this is fake and the lady said it wasn’t. I asked her why there was a processing fee and she said for paperwork. I asked why other scholarships didn’t ask for money and she said I don’t know. I told her well I know this is a fake and I hope you get caught! to which she just said ok! DO NOT SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  18. Rebecca said,

    so is a Scam??..

  19. Jason said,

    I have also received an offer from USA Scholarship Program for engineering students. The post mark was December 19th, 2011. I did an internet search for the program and the name, Ike Onwo. Which is how I ended up here. USA Scholarship Program now has a web site listed, but you need a user name and password to access it. Judging by the dates on these posts, not a whole lot has been done by the government to police these scams. I plan on writing letters and including copies of what I received from this program for my Congressperson and both Senators asking for some kind of action in regards to organizations like this. I would suggest you all do the same so that we can raise even more awareness of such practices.

    • Ariel said,

      I just got one for engineering students also! Just from reading the letter I had a feeling it was a fake… Also, having no email address is a red flag in itself. I also visited the website and saw that you need a student number. I’m going to tell my advisor and have her send an email out to fellow students. I wish the government would get rid of groups like this…

  20. […] Since I hadn’t heard of this organization before, I looked them up. They appear to be a scam. Article about this USA Scholarship Services. I hate that there are people out there who would take advantage of students and their parents, but […]

  21. Hi said,

    My kids all received scholarship mailings from USA Scholarship Program. We received the mailings in 2007, 2008, 2010, and again in 2011. Hope they are losing money sending junk mails.

    How do they know the address and majors of the targets?

    • Freia said,

      Because no matter what the ‘legit’ promotional scholarship sites say—They DO SELL YOUR INFO! Probably not intentionally to these crooks, but let’s face it, nobody gives money away unless they are somehow generating revenue for themselves.

  22. Heather said,

    This is sad. Honestly! How long do they think they can get away with this? It’s 2011 and this is still going on? It just shows that you can’t trust anyone anymore. All I can say is that fewer people will be scammed if they just do the proper research! And gut instincts are often the only indication there is that something’s wrong.

  23. Don't Scam Me! said,

    I am really surprised that this scammer is still doing business. My daughter just received an offer in the mail for an Engineering scholarship (12/3/11). I too wonder how they found out her major. I knew it was a scam, as they shouldn’t be asking for fees up front. One can only imagine how much they have already made on this scam. It must be quite a bit, as it still exists. I am hoping that they are still under investigation from the Postal Service. More than likely, it is the same old scam, but just different people orchestrating it. Just like the letters that come from various countries from someone who CLAIMS, that they have inherited a lot of money, but for some reason (varies), they cannot gain access to their funds. They usually promise 1% of their funds, if they can use are bank account to move their money. The 1% is usually a couple of hundred thousand. Then they ask for you to send about $200.00 dollars to help them to process the whole thing. They are relying on our greed to say; sure I will send you $200.00 for the promise to make $200,000! I just delete delete when I get them; they have been circulating in one form or another for over 10 years!

    • Sean NoBody said,

      The only thing I could think of is they got their information from the Dept of Ed or even, if she has gone on this site, it is possible the person(s) is getting their information from there, I just recieved 1 for my Engeneering Degrees as well.

  24. Amanda G said,

    I am soooo glad I just found this site. My mom told me that it looked sketchy and so I researched it as well. The first thing I found was this. It made me stop and research some more. Especially after reading everything on this page. I called them as well today (Sunday) and Sharla answered the phone. They have gotten better about not sounding so nervous but she could not explain the difference between Ike Zunbi and Ike Onwo. She said it might be a “typing error” No one misspells the directors name that much. My application is missing the entire middle of the page vertically. That is another problem. She said “Oh if you call back tomorrow when they are all in, they can answer your questions more to your satisfaction. When they are out of the office, they forward it to us.” She never replied who the “us” is and why would you answer the phones if you can’t answer the questions completely. At least for me when I asked them “If I were to reply to this application, what would it entitle me?” she replied “Well as you know, there is a fee charged that I am sure you saw that allows them to process your information and research what scholarships would be best to fit your needs. Then you call those scholarships and find out what they would need from you if you applied.” So basically what they are saying is that you pay USA scholarship, they research, they send you the info, you do some more research, and you apply. Instead of paying scammers to do the research for me, I am going to do the research my self. I even noticed above that many people are sent scholarship info that is past dated and/or the student can’t apply for those scholarships because it isn’t for their state, college, area of study, etc. DO NOT SEND IN MONEY AND APPLY FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP. Monday, I am going to take all this info into my postal service and tell them it is a scam and them I might even take it into the Attorney General’s office and let them deal with it as well. I WANT THESE PEOPLE TAKEN DOWN. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS TO ANYONE!!!!!!! It makes me mad because it’s too good to be true.

  25. Jessica said,

    I am glad I saw this article before sending my application. I had just called the number and a lady picked up, I asked her if the USA Scholarship is real. Her response was that it is real and I asked if they had a website. She replied yes and there is no website to be find! She also kept on saying “he researches this, he does this, he does that” and I asked her who is this he? She told me his name was Ike Znubi when actually the form I received in the mail was signed with the name Ike Onwo. She didn’t talk professional at all and I could tell she was confused about what she was talking about. What a horrible scam for nursing students and every other major they pray on!

  26. ryan said,

    Hey everyone, I just got this letter also. The reason he’s not in jail is because he’s apparently pretty intelligent in his knowledge of the law. Its not illegal to offer a service to find scholarship information. Its unfortunate that the letter is miss leading, and I almost filled it out myself because it makes you think you’ve been selected for this great scholarship, but that’s because its what you want to think. Apparently they’ve made some changes in how they do business because there is now a website and there is someone available on the phone. The scholarship information he provides is readily accessible, so I wouldn’t recommend using this service.

  27. Laura said,

    We just received a letter too. My son might qualify for a scholarship for nursing. We will not be filling out any forms or sending in the 29.00 processing fee.

  28. Tim from Ms said,

    US Postal Service fraud reporting those of you who have gotten bilked from this “scholarship” provider need to report it

  29. Tim from Ms said,

    They are still at it, we just got our letter in the mail, for $29 I my son “Might” qualify for up to $7500 in engineering scholarships, and he “may be” qualified for a refund if he does not get $1000 or more in scholarships.

  30. MrsLily said,

    The fee is up to $29 dollars….thank God my daughter is smart and told me this was a scam and sent me this link to read. Why is this person not in jail?

  31. Connie said,

    Just to let you all know, I not only reported this USA Scloarship scam to my state attroney general’s office, I also reported it to the USPS for mail farud. I want this guy arrested, stripped of ill-gotten gains, and deported.

    • Zach said,

      Smart. I should do the same. Together we can take this a*****e down.

    • ak said,

      Have you gotten a reply from the state or USPS? I have filed claims against them too. Unfortunatley after i sent the money and my personal information, i asked for a refund and told them this was a scam and they are frauds, and they told me word by word, to “f*** off and go to hell”. Can you believe these people? I would like them arrested also. Looks like people have filed claims that have not been looked into. Its rediculous. I also did research about their location and they may be part of something called the “Nigerian scam” usually get you by mail.

  32. Nicole said,

    I just received the SAME letter from USA Scholarship/1629 K Street NW Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006 Phone: 202-508-1485 Fax: 202-331-3759 I did look at their web site (some info did come up at but it does say that “we are a member of many professional organizations” but yet it doesn’t link any! credibility to WHAT those organizations are! (usually when a scholarship is REAL…they have a link to who they are involved with for references/credibility!) Also it claims that USA Scholarship’s privacy practices have been reviewed and approved by TRUSTe…well who the heck are they? and why isn’t there any MORE information about who TRUSTe is? Like when you pay for something online with PayPal…Paypal has links saying why/how their site is secure, etc. Thank GOD! I didn’t waste my time and money (as I am unemployed) on getting my hopes up and filling this application out! I hope someone puts a stop to this company/scam b/c many innocent people who really need money for educations are being hurt!!!! BEST bet on something like this…is to call the Better Business Bureau…or even better yet…your local Attorney General’s office and report it…The Attorney General helped me out once to close a business for unfair business practices. PS: I live in the state of Mass. Also..if this company REALLY did their research…they’d see that by writing on the web site that to qualify for a scholarship “GPA must be 2.5, and applicant must be in school for full or part time and muyst be US Citizen or permanent resident” OKAY>…duh people! IF you are applying for scholarship assistance for school… in most cases (not all) you are not currently attending school unless you have already completed a year and are re-applying for scholarship money for the FOLLOWING year…something seems very amisss here!!!

    • Nicole said,

      PS: I received this letter yesterday July 21, 2011. Application fee is $29.00.

  33. Jesse said,

    Hi every one!!I

    I received the same letter today June 26, 2011

    from the same company USA SCHOLARSHIPS for computer students. However, when I finished my homework at 2am, I called the number on the top of the letter (202)5081485 and some one answered the phone, a woman named Vickie, What kind of company answer the phone at 2 a.m. ; then I asked some questions and she was sounds like nervous!! They do not get my cell phone because I dialed their number starting with *67, the area code, and the rest of the number,

    This is a scam!!!

  34. missykeyana said,

    This is so sad that they have been able to do this for years. They almost got me too, until I saw that fee and Googled the company. Such a shame.

  35. claydog said,

    Thank you for posting this. Got it a week ago and mom said to go ahead and try it. Was just about to and decided to look it up on the ole blackberry. Very surprised they’ve fooled so many.

  36. James said,

    My wife got this same letter in the mail that says “Providing assistance to nursing students”. Thank god my wife decided to do some research about these people and found several forums about it being a scam. Its just hard for me to believe that they are still in the scamming business after four years!!! Didnt get us, but there is no telling how many people they have suckered into this…. Thanks to everyone who posted on this forum…

  37. Margaret said,

    Looked official …They even personalized the TO information & knew I was an Engineering major, Fee is now $29.00…STAY AWAY FROM THESE FOLKS!

  38. Benita said,

    My daughter got this letter in the mail on April 19, 2011. I opened it since she is away at college. I am so glad I research this to see if this was a scam. I knew it, the first paragraph……”You have been selected” was a dead give-a-way for me that this was a scam. As I read all of these comments that others have written, it is amazing they are still at it. This has been going on since 2007??? That is crazy they are still in business. There is no telling how many people get this letter and send in the money. It was $27.00 for the processing fee in 2007 and now in 2011 they are asking for $29.00. How do we shut them down? They should be put under the jail for this scam!

  39. shel said,

    I got this letter in March on 2011 and I filled it out and I noticed that the questions they ask are wierd, and the $29 app fee seems wierd too, and yet they say they will send u back ur money if you dont get it sounded even more strange! So Im at work bored and did a little research and found this blog and ya seems like the same letter since ’07. Crazy how they are still doing this scam! Glad I looked at it again cause I was bout to send it off tomorrow.

    • brittney said,

      I really really wish i would have found this website earlier! I got that stupid scholarship packet and i knew somethin was wrong as soon as i saw the $29 fee. I should have went wit my gut….too good to be true. I can not wait until they catch this guy and arrest his a**. I making sure I inform the SGA at my university so that they can put out information for all students to know that this is a SCAM!!!!!

  40. Mai said,

    I have also recently received the same letter today, but instead it they don’t call themselves “USA Scholarship Services” anymore.
    Instead they call themselves, “USA Scholarship” indicating that it is a scholarship program for engineering students!
    Though we all know that it’s coming from that same person. “IKE ONWO”.
    At first before I opened the envelope, I thought I actually won the scholarship that i have recently applied to in Feb., but the when I look at the name of where it came from, I didn’t recognized it, and also though to myself that why would I receive a letter on the scholarship that I have just applied to so quickly, especially when it is an essay scholarship. Then, I knew it was something to be suspicious about. But I opened it anyway just to see what it exactly is.
    And oh the word “CONGRATULATIONS” caught my eyes fast. Then I paused, and thought to myself, oh it must be another scholarship offered to me then. To be honest, the first paragraph may seem convincing, but I read it the second time, and realized that I didn’t get a scholarship and it’s something that I have apply to. Then, I realized that have also stated to include the $29 with the application. The really disturbing thing is that they also stated the reason this $29 was needed to pay for the processing the application. Hahaha, I thought to myself again, wow they really trying to get people to believing this scam.
    So after looking at this letter and the application that came with it, I did some research.
    The first thing did was, I went on to the website that they provided. Ok, this part is stupid, they required you to put in the 8-digit student file locator number, so that means one only people who are able to see this website are the people received their letter,
    If anyone wants to take a look at this website for yourself, it’s
    And you can use “14682639” for the 8-digit student file locator number to enter the website. This website really don’t have much information about themselves.
    Hopefully they will get caught soon for trying to scan students by stating scholarship for their major. I don’t understand where they got our information from and how they know our major that we are interested in?

    But I am really planning on sending them hate mail in their mailbox.
    I am going to fill out the application with random names and info, and make photocopies of a $20 bill, $5 bill, and 4 $1 bill just to make a big statement to them that they need to stop trying to scam young students and that they are stupid enough to think that there are people who don’t know about them being scammers!

  41. Shara said,

    Thanks so much for writing this article! Saved me $27 too.
    I’m surprised that some people still fall for this now that there are 3 years worth of information on these scammers online!

    It is kind of disappointing though.

  42. Jason said,

    I got this letter a couple of days ago and knew it was fishy when it asked for $29. I’m glad I Googled it instead of mailing it I’m gonna use it to to start the fire in the wood stove.

  43. nebenur hassan said,

    I could not believe this. Thank you guys for saving me from going though all the trouble and losing my $27 on such a scam. I just received a mail from them and i just finished filling it out. But i decided to check out the truthfulness of the program and landed on this page. Thank you guys for sharing such a valuable information.

  44. Liza Gaoay said,

    Just like everyone else, I was excited to be given the chance to pay part of my tuition for Graduate Nursing studies. After filling it out, I had this feeling that I should look up the origin of the letter with the heading “Scholarship Program for Nursing Students,” since I filled out a lot online. I am glad to have found this site. Thank you for helping prevent what could have been a waste of my well-earned money. Thank you, thank you.

  45. MT said,

    I got the letter from them yesterday. I wanted to fill out the application, but then I started researching the company. The title of the letter they sent to me is Scholarship Program for Nursing Students. I called the number on the letter, not expecting them to pick up, but a woman answered. I asked if I could send in the application after the deadline, and she answered yes. I also asked if the application fee of $29.00 needs to be sent along with the application, and she also answered yes. I have just saved $29.00 by researching first. I hope that many also see this website first before applying for a scholarship from this company. It is all a scam.

    • Brittany said,

      This number has now been diconnected! I was getting ready to fill the application out and decided to look them up. After I saw these comments, I just thought I would call and see if they still had the recording, and low and behold their number had been disconnected! So very glad I did find out all of this information! Peeps, this is a SCAM! Thanks for all the information.

  46. Brooke said,

    This is Bull Shit! I got the letter and was really excited! 🙂 Then I decided to look the USA company up and WHAMO… SCAM! Why would people do this? It makes me sooooo mad! I’m literally pissed. I filled it out and also started writing a little info about me on additioal paper.. It almost made me cry! 😦

  47. Samuel said,

    Hahaha, are they serious? I could do a better job than them. There are so many typos on the form and the questions are worded in such ways that you have never seen anywhere else before. I went to the website, just because I was wondering what kind of information they would have there. Guess what, there are only 2 pages on the website and most of what is on there is already stated on the forms that they send you. How unprofessional is that? If reading over the forms and looking at the website is not enough to convince you that it would be a poor idea to send in the forms with the money, then just typing there name into google will surely be enough. Hey, at least they are making it so obvious that this is not a ‘real’ opportunity so nobody should have to make the bad decision of actually sending in money to receive a scholarship. The day I do that is the day I am no longer smart enogh to be a student.
    I am going to call them tomorrow just to mess with them; this should be fun!

    • Samuel said,


      Hahaha, are they serious? I could do a better job than them. There are so many typos on the form and the questions are worded in such ways that you have never seen anywhere else before. I went to the website, just because I was wondering what kind of information they would have there. Guess what, there are only 2 pages on the website and most of what is on there is already stated on the forms that they send you. How unprofessional is that? If reading over the forms and looking at the website is not enough to convince you that it would be a poor idea to send in the forms with the money, then just typing their name into google will surely be enough. Hey, at least they are making it so blatantly obvious that this is not a ‘real’ opportunity that nobody should have to make the bad decision of actually sending in money to receive a scholarship. The day I do that is the day I am no longer smart enogh to be a student.
      I am going to call them tomorrow just to mess with them; this should be fun!

  48. Nancy said,

    Just got one for my daughter. I was going to surprise her when she evenutally got a “scholarship”. Thank GOD for technology, the power of websites, I browsed the website only by two clicks and hnmmmmmm, I smelt a rat. Googled it and walaaaa, here I am. All its gonna cost me is 42 cents for postage, in the enclosed envelope I will put a letter telling Ike Onwo “to get a ife” and respect our students.

    DC should do something. such scams should not happen at.

  49. Norma said,

    Wow!!…i am so glad i decided to do little research. My son got a letter over the weekend and it was asking for $29 to process the application. I am so glad i did not waste my sons time having him complete it and my money!! I am suprised after reading all these comments that no one has done anything about these individuals! gosh this has been going on for over 3 years!

  50. Jontel Turner said,

    Wow, my dad was grilling me because I did not apply for this scholarship but looks like I was the smart one and decided not to. WHEWW! *wipes head*

  51. gbadebo said,


  52. nette said,


  53. JESSICA said,


    • sergio said,

      crap we ‘re at the same place. i feel so stupid now

  54. efrain said,

    Yes, i just received the letter today (June 15 2010) specifically for Computer Students. The sad thing is that I’m sure I found this scholarship on or These sites should first verify if these scholarship offers are really real or if they are scams. Thanks to this blog and google for helping me found out the truth of this information. It all sounded legit except for the $29 dollars. I wondered “Why do i need to send $29 dollars to find out if I won when I already filled out an application online?” Doesn’t make sense at all… Plus, they are web design nubs. I checked out their web site. Their website definitely looks fake. I can make a better web page. ha.

    • jeannette said,

      i agree with the website look efrain

  55. derrick said,

    Thanks for the tip-off! I was excited to see some kind of scholarship stuff finally coming my way! But when I read that I needed to send 29 bucks and if I didn’t get at least 1,000 dollars in scholarship I MAY get a refund, a little voice from high school reminded me of the advice my teachers always gave. SCHOLARSHIPS ARE MEANT TO HELP YOU PAY FOR SCHOOL!!! WHY SHOULD YOU EVER HAVE TO PAY FOR MONEY TO BE GIVEN TO YOU?!?! The scary thing is that the 29 dollars is a small enough of an amount that I almost wasted it just to see if maybe it wasn’t too good to be true. But everyone who does that is just keeping this scam going. Why is our government not able to take these scammers down??? How much lower can you get than stealing money from poor college students???

  56. shekinah christian said,

    Wow!! thanks because I also received a form from usa scholarships and i was just about to write out a check 4 $29 and send the information off!! Thank you so much you saved me 29 dollars and we really need to get this company shut done fast!!

  57. Antoinette Guerin said,

    I too had just completed filling out the application, when I decided to do some research on this company. And to my dismay I knew it was a scam. The search engine bought me to this website. Thank You so much for posting this information. Blessfully I didnot send any money to them, and I just tore up the application. God Bless You!!!!

  58. Amber said,

    Same thing- all of it. Got the letter and luckily, didn’t send it because I had questions filling the paperwork out and called the number. Became skeptical after the website didn’t exist and then found this article online. Thanks for saving me $29!

  59. […] is customized to the respondent’s unique circumstance. However, a Web search quickly found the story of a student who, after paying USA Scholarship its required fee, “received an envelope with 24 incomplete, […]

  60. Kevin said,

    My dad chewed me out for not thinking a little harder about if some things are shady or not (of course, that meant I haven’t sent it yet), so it seems like I got a first hand sight at just how messed things are in the world.
    Thinking back…I probably would have procrastinated until it was too late anyways (extremely bad habit…I always end up writing my papers on the due date)…but its great that I saw this, because now I can just remember the time where I totally got one-upped by my dad.

  61. Raisa said,


  62. Angel said,

    Wow. I got this letter today and filled it out and was going to send it with the 29.00 check they asked for. I decided to look it up before I sent it just to make sure and this is where I ended up. Thank goodness! I tried calling them just to see if I could get anyone on the phone and a woman answered and said she could not answer any of my questions and that she was an outside receptionist but that someone would call me back. Yea right. Its going right in the garbage!

  63. Christina said,

    I can’t believe that this is still going on. I work in a university and a student brought this letter in today to see if it was a scam. I hadn’t heard of it before, so I I looked it up. After all of these years it is still around. I hope everyone notices that those that “support” Ike don’t use capital letters and spell everything wrong. Funny that they are the ones supposedly getting money to go to college in the USA. Probably not.

  64. Hauraa said,

    Its funny they make it sound so professional, I got the letter yesterday and was about to fill it out but I remembered my high school teacher telling us if they ask you for money that means they’re ripping you off. I decided to google and cant believe that this was the first sight I had to look at to know its a scam. Thanks so much

  65. mayo steven said,

    felicia carter is ike onwo girlfriend
    please all should note this and she is also working with ike in this business

  66. Nel said,

    I am a student majoring in Bio/Pre-Medicine. I received a letter in the mail today from USA scholarships for Biology students. After working in the bank i have learned a lot about scamming through the mail. Seeing that there was no e-mail address or website was a definite red flag for me. Also, when anything asks you to pay through the mail for something that seems like anyone and everyone could receive, it sends up another red flag. These companies are supposed to be depending on your simple inquiry to keep their services open (other things like credit card applications included). Your payment to them should never be in the form of money but your interest/inquiry alone. Beware of these scholarship and credit card type scams!!! Always check the facts first.

  67. felecia carter said,

    i just cannot believe how some people can destroy the image of usa scholarship services.usa scholarship services is not a scam.i received a letter just like all those people.all i did was to follow the directions usa scholarship provided to me , and i received a scholarship for $1000.i hope that you people will quit killing the image of usa scholarship services that devote their time to help students reach their educational goal.

    • Jenn said,

      You mean that devote their time to scam students?

  68. m yartza said,

    i read the article posted about usa scholarship services.i completely did not believe what people said about son received $1000 ONE TIME scholarship through using the information he received from usa scholarship.

    • Jenny said,

      I find it hilarious how all of a sudden there is an influx of people posting illiterately and they all have the same technique (lower-case, not realizing that you put a space AFTER the period when starting a new sentence, poor grammar) of writing when they post. It’s obviously someone working for Ike, or Ike himself. All these people saying it’s a scam cannot be liars, but it’s easy to make up a name (getting more original with ‘dan t’, changing their avatar and whatnot) but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that people have lost their money on this bogus scam. Stating that it is a scam is not a lie and whoever is posting otherwise, knows it. So they have a website now? Probably didn’t take longer than 5 minutes to make it, looking at how poorly designed it is. Why is this scam still even going on?

  69. j robinson said,

    the comment about usa scholarship being a scam is a liar.i hope that you people should quit telling false information about usa scholarship.i accepted the scholarsfip offered to me by the university of michigan college of engineering for $1500 through using usa scholarship service.all i was told by the university is to maintain a 3.0 GPA .please quit those big liars about usa scholarship people

  70. dan t said,

    all the 110 comment about usa scholarship services are bunch of liars.usa scholarship services is trusted.usa conduct business with high level of morality.i am one of 500 students selected to receive one of the scholarships i applied for through using their services.the scholarship name is walton community scholarship funded by the wal-mart foundation.the amount was $3000.all you have to do is to follow the instruction provided by usa scholarship.i truely hope that you commentors will stop pasting negative information about usa scholarship.

    • Jenn said,

      Wal-mart has scholarships on their website. I don’t need to pay someone to “find” them for me. Sorry but nice try.

  71. Philip said,

    Scams are more prevalent today than ever. I’ve just recently been involved in a scam and they are currently being sued. When I got the “USA Scholarship Services” envelope in the mail I was at once suspicious. I read the fishy letter and hopped on the internet and wrote this.


    Don’t believe everything you hear either. Search out the truth for yourself.

  72. Delilah said,

    I received the USA Scholarship Services letter today and figured it to be fishy which lead me to this site. I never heard of a fee for this type of service.
    Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

  73. miss latoya chin said,

    me i get 300,000 from ike becos i write all the peple ike told me
    ike very gud and he kall me every day now i get 300,000 dollars becos i now go to skool and i study nurse so to get gud job but ike gud and he help
    me so i get 300,000 dollahs so i finish skool and go to china to get job to work and happy

  74. Carolyn said,

    Thank you!!!

  75. Nikki said,

    Yeah, I got the letter today too, for the 2009/2010 academic year. At first, I thought “Great, Uncle Sam is actually going to give me some money” (Since I don’t qualify for the Pell Grant) But the more I thought about it, I realized that of the thousands of scholarships that I have looked at, never once did I see anything about “USA scholarship services”. I decided to look it up, and actually, as I was waiting for site listings, I thought “Watch this be a scam”. Sure enough, every site that came up in my search engine was about this being a scam.

    After re-reading the letter, I see alot of unprofesionalism in the writing. I’m really glad I looked this up. Thanks for the tip, ya’ll!!!!

  76. fuukinbutt said,

    i support ike
    i got 60,000usd from him

  77. mula said,

    yeh i got one billion from uncle sam and am GM and citbank and all scam so leave ike alone and go afta madoff

    • ja broni said,

      why does everyone who supports this fool have a four letter name?

  78. elisa said,

    I recieved a letter like this in the mail for biology students. It’s a good thing I researched it before I sent it in,it saved me 27 dollars. Thanks everyone who posted for the warning. I found some websites with tips on scholarship scams from the federal trade commision

  79. Lakin Smith said,

    I just got a letter from “USA scholarship services” saying the same thing about various scholarships but it was for nursing students. I figured it was a scam after remembering a high school counselor warning us about any supposed scholarship that requires money to apply. I quickly googled USA Scholarship Services just to verify my thoughts and quickly found this website! I’m throwing it in the trash now!!!!

  80. sushi said,

    thanks all of you for your posting
    lets keep the world safe from drunk drivers
    christmas is almost 5 months and people still drink and drive
    thanks all of you for ike is obviously sleeping so lets hope

  81. Nadine said,

    thank all of you very much jst like the rest of you i received the USA Scholarships Services and i was just about to send it in when i thought hmmm… let me check this out it sounds fishy and i found out it was a fake so thank you all once again you saved me 27 dollars!!!

  82. Marlene said,

    oh yeah and I think they get your info from .

  83. Marlene said,

    thanks for the article. I read the name “USA Scholarship Services”, I was like “what a general and phony sounding name”. For something that is supposedly the country’s scholarship service, it doesn’t look very official. This scam should be shutdown, I feel bad for people who don’t think to google it before giving these butholes their money.

  84. mike said,

    shouldn’t such scammers be in jail. its about time we bury these suckers. they just seem to be all around, invading everything we have or hope to have. power to the people

  85. OK boys, if you keep up with the swearing and nasty comments I’ll ban the lot of you. Tone it down.

  86. Logan said,

    wow its true mika and soro are the same person!!

  87. mika said,

    yeh logan is full of ***
    [Edited to remove improper comments]

  88. soro said,

    this logan who d h** ah u
    u think ur queen elizabeth can speak propa englisgh
    well move to london cause this is no london

    [Edited to remove improper comments]

  89. Logan said,

    wow looks like mika and soro and ike are all bastards oh I’m sorry just one b**. I got this letter in the mail and the first thing I thought was “Damn Phishing scam” and as any good student I did my research. My suspicions were verified here. this Ike mofo is as lazy as they get first he uses stamps. any professional goes and buys a postage meter, i mean an upside down stamp? come on. The return letter looks like it was printed off Microsoft word, plus once again postage is not included. this just makes it harder for people to send you money ike. plus the papers were not folded straight obviously done by an amateur. I can’t believe your laziness ike. plus no website not even a crappy one. Thankfully many people who receive this do not think clearly and send you money. and the last thing, if your going to come on here as mika or soro use proper english or at the least Google translator seeing as english is obviously a second language for you.

    [Edited to remove improper remarks]

  90. Amanda said,

    Crap!!!! I was tricked into this scam! I sent my money in about a week and a half ago. Whats funny is i really thought it was too good to be true. BUt i still did it anyway! What terrible people trying to take money from poor college kids.

  91. Daniel said,

    I recently received a letter from USA SCHOLARSHIP SERVICES. I know this is a SCAM. However, I want to know how they got my information when I can’t even find it online.

    • Hi Daniel,

      It’s likely they bought a list of names and yours was on it, possibly from someone you’ve done business with such, as an online retailer, or a company that specializes in serving college-aged people. It’s the same thing that happens when you buy a house and suddenly find yourself drowning in offers to re-roof your house or chemically treat your lawn.

  92. Teresa Miller said,

    My son received an offer from USA Scholarship Services / Scholarship Program for Computer Students. I assumed that USA Scholarship Services obtained info from the internet. My son recently took a career placement test on the internet. I too questioned the fee for scholarship application. I am going to have my son take this letter and application to the financial aid office at the college he attends. Consumer beware. There are many unethical persons out trying to scam. I have a small business, and I get calls on a daily basis from so called companies offering “grants”. If things sound too good to be true, they usually are. Doing your homework pays off.

  93. Rob Whitworth said,

    Thank you all for leaving your information on this site. I got a funny feeling when I got USA Scholarship Services’ letter asking for $27.00 to help me find scholarships. I went onto D C’s BBB site and couldn’t find them listed. Next, my g/f suggested I use my favorite search engine, Altivista, which led me here. I’m passing the word on to my friends and classmates. Once again, thanks!

  94. Sharon – just a comment – the FAFSA is legitimate, and it is required to receive federal financial aid, and also some scholarships. Here’s the official website of the US Department of Education:

    The FAFSA is free to fill out – perhaps you’ve been contacted by someone offering to do the FAFSA for you? THat is an option, but remember the FAFSA is free to everyone.

    Also, many tax professionals will “throw in” a free FAFSA form – fill it our for you – as they already have all your tax info. It’s a nice option if you’re already paying someone for your taxes.

  95. Sharon said,

    I was excited also since my son’s letter was for an Engineering scholarship up to $7500. I hope it’s not the college he attends that sells the student’s names to these scam places or FAFSA. Where else would they get their names from? A person really has to be careful these days.

    • Raycheal said,

      my college, the fasfa, and are the only three places that have my information. i have a idea that i recieved this letter from resources. . .

      • Actually, it may not be from any student-related website. If you’re of “typical” college age, they could have bought your name from an online retailer, like an Amazon. I’m not saying it was Amazon in particular – I don’t know they’re privacy policy – but many online retailers sell client data, and many more are turning to it in these tough economic times as a way to help bring in revenue.

  96. Kim said,

    I am very disappointed that someone can get away with such a scam! My daughter received the letter regarding a Nursing Scholoarship. I was about to get excited until I decided to check it out first on the internet and found all this information. I’m so glad I did but really disheartened that someone can actually do this and continue to get away with it. I will be reporting this “organization”, or whatever they/he call themselves, for mail fraud! There is no telling how many people actually send in the money and get scammed! This person is getting rich off people. He can’t even spell or write, much less help anyone with scholarships! I’m really disgusted!!

  97. Soro, I completely disagree with you. I don’t think people should pay for something they can get for free.

    Regarding your two examples – quite frankly, they don’t relate at all to this argument. I think most people are aware that their taxes pay for public schools, as well as the “free” services of police, firemen, and libraries, amongst many others.

    And as for walking to work, if my job were within walking distance and I didn’t have to own a car, you betcha I would walk!

  98. soro said,

    moniqueleonard — you just are not logical
    so if i can do something or get something free i should not pay for it — right
    dont you know that public school is free but parents pay thousand to send their children to school ?
    walking to work is free but you buy a car and drive — why ?
    cmom stop mis leading people

  99. Soro – you realize that you could have found that same scholarship on Google yourself for free, and still gotten the scholarship? USA Scholarship Services didn’t award you the scholarship, they just mailed you photocopies of applications.

    If it worked for you great, but I’d recommend saving money and searching Google or your other favorite search engine for free.

  100. soro said,

    hello i did receive 7000 dollras from usa scholarship
    folks this is not a scam
    you just need to apply and if you dont recieve you will get a refund
    ofcourse not everybody will geta scholarhsip
    i am sure many people have recived scholarship just like me but they did not post here
    please if you recived scholrship with ike ono, please post so people will know this is no scam
    thank you usa scholarship service

    • ja broni said,

      where in the world are you going to go to school at. you can’t spell to save your life!

  101. Deni said,

    I received a letter in the mail from USA Scholarship Services for an offer to apply for 2009/2010 Nursing students for a Nursing scholarship program. They pick up to 250 nursing students and that there was a $27.00 processing fee for the 2009/2010 applications. It goes on to say that this fee is necessary to cover the cost of processing the applications we expect to receive. However, students who fail to qualify for at least $1,000 in scholarships may be entitled to a full refund of their application fee and we wish you the best of luck with the stamped signature of Ike Onwo. Then, you try to search for USA scholarship services to see if its legitamate and nothing pops up, but when you type in USA scholarship services nothing pops up but this other scholarship search engine websites. If you include the name Ike Onwo in the search..this link pops up!!!

  102. nancy said,

    I too recieved a letter today from this company. I thought it sounded fishy so I looked up the company with the BBB. They didn’t have too much information so I did a google search and found this site……thank goodness….ANYONE WHO DID SEND IN THE MONEY……….PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR CREDIT…….THESE PEOPLE NOW HAVE ALOT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND WHO KNOWS HOW THEY WILL USE IT

  103. Theresa said,

    I am so glad I found this website. My oldest of five is a freshman in college. We are very inexperienced with scholarships. I received the same letter from this company only it was for “nursing scholarships”. I was leary just because they asked for money. How do they know what your children are majoring in???? Thanks for confirming it!!!

  104. Agnes said,

    Same with the rest here who left a comment my son received a letter from USA Scholarship Services (Scholarship Program for Engineering Students). The content of the letter was the same as the rest. Applicants may receive $7,500 from the scholarship programs, $27 processing fee, etc. My son filled up the application before returning to college and told me to fill up the parents information and mail it. The deadline is Jan. 28, 2009 so i have to mail it as soon as possible but I have reservations because I also received the same letter from College Financial Advisory. I also remembered what my son’s school in high school said that you don’t have to pay for scholarship search. It’s free, it’s in the internet and it’s in your school’s guidance office. I immediately google it and found this website. Thank God, there’s internet. I found out, it’s a scam! Now I have to research about this College Financial Advisory. Any information about this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  105. ashley johnson said,

    I am a current college student at Blinn College in Texas!! I received a letter today stating that I was able to receive up to 7,500 dollars for being a biology major. This sent red flags flying for the reason that I am a pre- vet med. student not a Biology, so I tried to find their information on my college financial aid web sit. However this so called scholarship was never listed not even on Texas A&M’s web sit, so I plan to place fliers up at my college to let everyone know that it is a SCAM!!! No one should ever ask for money on a FREE scholarship, and to prove my point FASFA is a federal based scholarship that requires no money for processing! Funny how a federal based scholarship that deals with international students doesn’t even require that!!!
    Watch out for things like that!!!

  106. Tracey said,

    My daughter recieved a letter in the mail from this Ike person and we were about to send in the money and I decided to check them out. They had no website so I googled them and found this. I’m so glad I decided to do this. My daughter was upset with me for not sending the money because here was a deadline but when she hears this she will be happy that I did drag my feet on it. Thanks for the info! Next time we get this type of mail we will think twice.

  107. Camerron said,

    I just received this letter in the mail today and I was very suspicious since I hadn’t in the past applied for any scholarships…Good thing I decided to research this. I just typed in the “directors” name and this immediately came up!
    thank you

  108. Romina said,

    i was about to send it… good that my dad told me to research it first…

    thanks for the help!

  109. You said it, Jennifer: “always ask questions”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Jennifer said,

    Thank God, i found this website because i would of sent my application and a fee of $27 for the information that i will be processing. For some odd reasons, i forgot to sent in the application and was worried afterwards if i was not allow to sent it in….i had a weird feeling about this mail when it came in because i didn’t sign up for any scholarships from USA scholarships services. And also, the application looked unprofessional and was not detailed enough for how i can get the funded for school and if there were actual facts about them funding other college students. For those students who received the “scholarships” i advised to talk to you counselors and call the number provided. You’ll see for yourself it it a scam, because for one thing, i can not find their website, which all of the other scholarships that I have signed up for had a website for info. Be aware of people who will want your money and always ask questions before doing anything!!

  111. Katie said,

    I recently got the same letter but it was for Nursing Students. Guess what they raised the price to $27 now. Don’t get caught!

  112. Joseph said,

    Yesterday, I received a same letter from a JERK (Ike Onwo), first of all, the postage stamp was up side down, this tell me the people who send this letter out is not a profestional, must be a SCAM big time, also lucky me that I check the internet and found a lots of you people got the letter from the same guy.

  113. Eric said,

    Ha, thanks for the info. Got the letter for the $7,500 engineering scholarship, read the letter and though it was a scam. Turned out I was right and this article proves my suspicion.

  114. boby said,

    I just got one of those letters about 5min. ago and what a bunch of crap. im glad i found this web site.

    • Sandie said,

      Just got an Ike Onwo letter today .I am so glad I decided to research the scammer before I handed over my hard earned
      money.What a load of crap!.I really hope that people are investigating this guy. How can we stop him??.

  115. Dannie said,

    Thanks for the great information about this scam. My daugther received a letter in the mail this week and it’s a good thing she gave it to me to look over. I researched it on the internet because something just didn’t sound and seem right with this letter. I’m greatful for all the comments written about this JERK scamming innocent and honest people. I just want to add that he will have his day of reckoning because I believe in CARMA. Something must be done to stop this JERK.

  116. Tiara said,

    My case was a bit more convincing. I was mailed the letter while I was doing an internship at the University of South Alabama, aka USA. I thought that the scholarship was through the university, not a company. I wander if that was just a coincidence? However, the way they handled things after I sent my application led me to believe that it was a scam. I don’t care about the fee; however, I am checking my credit report as they have a lot of information.

  117. Muhammad Farooq said,

    oh shit man i just send the letter back and i already have send the check too. I want to know that if there could be some other problem because now they have my bank account no. and adress. i am wondered.

  118. Dana said,

    How ironic that during this time of recovery here in southeast TX from hurricane IKE that we receive information looking like a questionable “service” signed by IKE! I came online myself to see if the service could be found and saw this sight.

    SHAME ON IKE—2x!!!

  119. Kynedi said,

    Wow!!! I am so glad I told my mom to let me research this Scholarship Service before we sent money in. I always asked myself why do you have to pay for scholarship info? People like that should have to pay for being so dishonest. Thanks everybody for your comments!

  120. Ed said,

    Beware of ANY mailing or Phone call which originates in Washington DC and sounds like a governmental address THAT SOLICITS MONEY FOR UNDEFINED SERVICES!!!

    If you hold the back of the letter very close to your nose, you can smell a scam.

  121. Mark said,

    Hi folks,

    I just got this same letter over the weekend. USA Scholarship Services tried to offer me the same deal, but only customized my letter as a “Scholarship Program for Computer Students”. I did some investigating on my own and found your site. It is a shame that people like Mr. Onwo would pray on our youth and try to take advantage of them during these tough economic times. His business practices are unethical and it needs to stop. I’ve already filed a complaint with both the FTC and BBB. If anyone receives this letter from this company, DO NOT SEND any money!!! You are better off applying for financial aid using the resources from your local college at no cost to you. I can use the $27 to fill up my Corolla with gas instead of wasting it on this crap.

  122. Sandy Johnson said,

    We just got a letter from USA Scholarship Services for my daughter, claiming that she is eligible for scholarship money as an engineering student. What struck me about the letter was the fact that the signature of this man, Ike Onwo, was an ORIGINAL signature. This lent a bit of authenticity to the letter. I even commented to my daughter that the signature was an original signature…..must be legitimate if they are actually signing each letter. Still, something just didn’t seem right. No website-no request for income–using a live “postage stamp” instead of metered mail. The stationary he is using has no information in the footer or in the left hand margin where other companies might reflect satellite offices or endorsements from CEO’s of other companies lending support and promotion of the services provided. Put them all together and this picture smells. I asked my daughter to check it out on the web before we send them money, just to be sure. And boy am I glad she did! Thank you for your website! With two in college, we have to watch what we spend and every little bit helps. And as for Mr. Onwo: Stop preying on the youth of our country. They have it hard enough without the likes of you!

  123. nikki said,

    I just got a letter today in the mail, I called and asked for the website, and they gave it to me but it does not exist, when I called back they said the office was closed. I just got finish reading all of the comments and now I am glad that I researched it further before sending my money. Its a shame that people do things of this nature.

  124. Marshall Stokes said,

    Hey,i’m back….LOL……this chick/dude MIKA need to get a clue.While you’re at it,take some English classes

  125. Marshall Stokes said,

    Hey,i’ve received the exact same letter from USA Scholarship Services.I went a step further,i’ve went to Yellow and looked the address,city and state up.Guess what? No such address,i’ve even called a another legit scholarship service in the same state and they also told me “never pay for scholarships”.They come a Dime a Dozen.

  126. Jim said,

    I got one today, read it and decided that it was bull sh** because they wanted me to pay $27 so they could find me the same scholarship information I could find online or through my school. Although, I will pay for a stamp to send back their letter with a note saying F*** OFF!

  127. Zoey said,

    Im really glad I was on the internet when I received this letter. My mom just got home and showed it to me, and of course I was surprised at the state of the letter and the ‘application’ they sent with it. Im from Puerto Rico and a Biology student, and I thought it was maybe one of those scholarships aimed at minorities…but the fact that they knew what I was studying (without me requesting any information) and the $27 fee struck me as strange. So as soon as I googled the ‘company’ I found this page…and Thank God. I already have to work to pay for a biomed major…throwing $30 of my well-earned money down the drain wouldve hurt. So again, thank you.

  128. Matt said,

    I just got one of these letters today directed at engineering students. I immediately thought it was odd that the letter was so poorly mailed; the stamp was upside down and the envelope was sealed with part of the letter sticking out as if it had just been shoved in there. Thanks to everyone who posted comments on this site. I probably would have fallen for the scam if I had not come here first.
    Also, to mika, judging by your language skills I find it highly unlikely that you would qualify for a $100,000 scholarship. Your attempts to “support” this Ike Onwo, who you claim to know, are just making the scam that much easier to see. So, if I may ask, what is your cut of the money that Mr. Onwo is conning out of people who are actually trying to do something worthwhile with their lives?

    • PFC Robinson said,

      How much is Mika getting paid for this?

      But besides, just because he goes to church, doesn’t make him an honest man. There are such things as “hypocrites” you know….

  129. I want to ph.d Physics

  130. Shay said,

    I was wondering about USA Scholarships Services!! Just like everyone else has stated who would ask for money to even process an application for a scholarship which was $27.00. By the way, my offer was for nursing. I AM GLAD I FOUND THIS WEBSITE, SO I WON’T WASTE MY MONEY!!! IT SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM!!!!

  131. tolani said,

    the amount on the letter reads $27 now……..bunch of freaking scammers

  132. Lisa said,

    Gosh!!!! I wish I found this web site earlier…. stupiod me, I fell for the scam.. I should have knew better that this was too good to be true.. I called the USA Scholar Services and got nothing but an answer machine.. I left a message and I actually got a call back from Ike Onwo. I asked him over the phone if this was some kind of agency scholarship services where my application will just be mailed out to other agencies and Ike told me “no” and that the USA schcolarship serv. is a scholarship itself and students can qualify for if eligible. Therefore, I sent $28 in for the application to be proccessed and recieved another application to some other company that is some what offering scholarship and some other paper with a list of companies that contain no deadline dates for the scholarship they offer… This is diffinetly not fair and Ike should stop… the scholarship listing he sent me, was just a bunch of google search…I can do the search myself on google for free, so to all the parents and students that get this so call USA SCHOLARSHIP SERVICES application CRAPPPPP, DON’T FALL FOR IT..IT’S ONLY A SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY…..I’ve experienced it myself and this is not anything I would recommend for anyone to do unless you really have $28 dollars to lose or give away for free to MR. IKE ONWO!!!!…

  133. JO said,


  134. Marlowe_NOTTT said,

    they didnt even get my name right
    Marlowe is my middle name and they cant even get thmy first name right
    had the wrong address to this thing got forwarded from my old adress
    makes me tempted to send the letter and have some hate mail in it
    and come on Mika cant even spell half of what you wrote right

  135. Erin said,

    My son received the same letter asking for now $27.00 processing fee for assistance to about 250 Nursing students. I thought this was to good to be true. I am glad I Googled it and found your site.

  136. Crystal said,

    About two days ago my mother had call me sayingf that I had recieved a letter from this same company.I was’nt surprise abourt it. She said that it read that I was approve to apply for the scholarship with a charge of $28 for the applicatioon fee. Before I accepted the offer I wanted to do more research on it and found your website. I’m very happy I found this website because that would be a waste for me and my money.

  137. Crystal said,

    This is really a scam

  138. Judy said,

    Got a letter from USA Scholarship Services for my daughter for the “Nursing Program” wanting $27.00 to process. Told my husband I thought it was a scam and decided to check it out and of course this is where I ended up. Thanks for making the scam known (even though I would not have reponded). Sounds like Mika might be our friend Ike Onwo. Seems stange that only one person has something good to say about this.

  139. elifaz said,

    I’m from Puerto Rico and still i recived this scam. thank God the frist thing i did was Google the company..

    got the USA scholarship services..for biology students…
    first thing that was kin of odd was the fact that the address was a suite.. website.
    third it asked for no income amount…
    4rth the 27 dollars…
    ugh! i really need a scholarship.. but this is a crappy scam.

  140. mika said,

    your arguement just dont stand
    because there are many scams is not a reason not to pay for scholarship info
    because there are too many aids does not mean people should not have sex
    the problem we have in america is that some people have taken it on themself to tell other people what do you
    you just dont advice people to pay for college because this and that
    comon, pls let freedom ring

  141. mika said,

    everything in this world is free until somebody add value to it
    water is free but why do you pay for it —- cos somebody added value to it
    if ike onwo add value to the info you get ,then why cant you pay for it
    afterall everything on google is free but those guys are billionare—- why
    oxygen is free but micheal jacson pays for it –why

  142. I still highly recommend that people NEVER pay for scholarship information. People trying to pay for college are deperately looking for ways to help them come up with the money. Paying someone else a fee to do something they can do themselves doesn’t strike me as fiscally responsible. Plus, there are MANY scams out there that simply take your money and run, and give you nothing in return.

  143. mika said,

    nothing is free in thsi world

  144. mika said,

    i beg to differ
    just because something is free does not mean you dont pay for it

    is water not free, cant you go to the ocean and get free water but when somebody take the trouble to procees it you pay for it
    everything in this world is free but when people add value to it ,then you pay for it
    yes its free on the internet but if ike onwo takes the time to do the research work for you compile the information and send them to you ,why should you not pay for it
    all the information on google is free but why are the owners of goggle billionares — cos they added value to the so called free information
    nothing is free babe, afterall micheal jacson pays for oxygen which me and you know is free

  145. No offense, Mika, but your comment hasn’t changed my opinion. Everything he send to students is freely available in the public domain – which means students can get that information for FREE. His terms and conditions are also very dubious. As for going to church every Sunday, that is not a litmus test.

  146. mika said,

    i received 100,000usd form usa scholarship
    please send ur money u never know
    the guy is doing a good job
    many people receive scholarship already
    you could be next
    ike onwo is great
    i know this guy
    he goes to church every sunday and he will even give his own money for scholarship

    • SUZIEQ said,


      • E said,

        How can you be so rude and uncouth, Ike Onwo is my uncle. But besides that he works his ASS off, doing all he can to get scholarships for undergrad and graduate students. He has thousands and thousands of letter it may take some time to get back to you.

  147. My kudos to you mom – always check things out before sending in your money!

  148. Tria L. said,

    My mom called me and said make sure it’s real before i mail them 25 dollars. Thank God i found this site. I knew it couldn’t be to real because the 2007-2008 school year is pretty much over. who the hell is ike onwo anyay?

  149. Good for you, Celest!

    I wish every person who got one of these would take the time to do some research. There used to be a store in my area whose slogan was “An educated consumer is our best customer,” and I firmly believe that is true of student loans, scholarships and all the rigmarole that accompanies funding a college education.

  150. Celest said,

    I just received one of these letters today . Thank you all for writing. This is another Nigerian scam. The Director is Ike Onwo…a Nigerian. Why can he not go get a better job? Shame to you and your colaborators Mr Ike Onwo. I will take this to my local post office to report mail fraud.

  151. […] first commentary on scholarship scammers was quite popular, so I’m following up with another […]

  152. […] in Scholarships at 9:53 am by moniqueleonard My first article on scholarship scammers was quite popular, so I’m following up with another […]

  153. deanna said,

    I was so close to sending in the application myself. I am so glad my husband told me to research it first. I am more bothered by the fact that all my personal information was going to some shady people who plan to do who knows what with it. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

    • jeannette said,

      watta bummer same thing happend to me i just recieved the letter right now & was soo excited but i googled it & yupp like the rest of these news to good to be true:(

      “Providing Assistance to Computer Students”
      ohh & on mine it was $29 i guess it went up.

  154. Katie said,

    Thank you so much for this site. I got the same letter for engineering students. I googled USA looking for a scholarship website, and this was the closest thing that came up. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  155. Frankie said,

    We got the same message today I my house, this time directed to “nursing students”. The fee seemed odd, and the fact that they had no website, and the application seemed cheesey led me to doubt it. Glad we found this site before we wasted any money.

    Thanks for the tips!

  156. Angie said,

    I have the same exact letter like everyone else from USA Scholarship Services for Computer Science major and a $25 processing fee. I did have a feeling that this was some sort of a scam. I mean, what scholarship ask for money? and they have no website. Thank you so much for having this webpage concerning this USA Scholarship scam.

  157. Sharon Munson said,

    I thought this might be a scam as soon as I read “send money” and “may” get your money back . . .this letter was sent to my son and thank goodness I checked it out first. Thanks for the website heads up on this one. The circuits were busy the first time I tried to call directly, the second time I got a recording . . . never a good thing!

  158. Eugene said,

    I thank God for finding this WebSite. I’ve recently received a letter from the same USA Scholarship Services. They want me to send them a check of $25 and, as they put it, I may qualify for up to $7,500 in scholarships. However, there’s one thing that alerted me. How come they did not include any contact information in the letter? What kind of company should it be which doesn’t even have a Website? I knew it was a scam right from the beginning. Thank you all for proving it to me once again!!!

  159. Aja Davis said,

    I’m so glad I looked into this before sending them money. My husband knew it was a scam, who would ask for money to give you a scholarship? Crazy but some people fall for it the that upsets me is how did they know I’m a student studying Computer Science? Makes you wonder.

  160. Becca Weller said,

    Hey, I got the same letter – except directed at engineering students. Thanks so much for having this site up; it really helped! It sounded pretty convincing on first read, esp when you could use a bit of money. Thanks again for letting me know it was a scam!

  161. Donald Lyons said,

    My daughter received solicitation from USA Scholarship Services. This is a scam directed at computer science students. Don’t bother with BBB. Take letter to local postmaster for referral to Postal Inspection Service for mail fraud investigation. Never pay for scholarship info.

    • Herve said,

      Hi am happy to read you message

      • Herve said,

        Hey i have exactly receive the same letter from u.s.a scolaship

  162. Olga said,

    Hey i just sent back my application and a money order of $25 but since i am reading this i am really starting to think that this is all scam what should i do to get my money back, i dont think my letter hasnt arrived yet

    • Mr. Watkins said,

      I am US Postal Inspector Delano Watkins. Due to the many complaints, I am currently looking into matters involving USA scholarship services. I am trying to contact inividuals that lost money dealing with this company. I would like to know if you ever got your money back. Please contact me at 202-636-1490. Thanks!

  163. Glad we could help, Chris. DON’T pay money for scholarships – I can’t stress that enough. After all, scholarships are in essence free money for tuition!

  164. Chris said,

    I recieved a letter the past few days from the same USA Scholarship service and it stated the very same things except it was for Computer Science majors. I’m am very gratefull I found this site.

  165. Dorothy, you’re right on the mark. If someone asks for money to research scholarships for you, run the other way as fast as you can!!

    Use free research tools such as or free scholarship sites like – NEVER pay money!

    • Nikia said,

      Wow! I just filled out the application and enclosed a checked for $27 when something said to go online and check this place out. I thought it was weird to send money to “find out” about scholarships. Its really sad that people try to take advantage of college kids like that.USA SCHOLARSHIP IS A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING

    • Virginia said,

      I recieved the same letter today, except for Nursing Student. I thought about well its only $27.00, then I thought I would look it up. I came across many websites saying the company was a fraud. I looked up the phone number on white pages reverse look up and it comes up an unlisted number. I found this website very helpful. Sometimes I wonder if the schools, give out your personal information to companies like this, or if they sell your information in a database.

      • Ashlee said,

        I received this letter about three days ago with the nursing lable also!! im happy I looked this place up. I would have not been happy losing my $27. After all i’m an unemployed student.

    • Rebecca said,

      Wait.. so is not a fraud site?.

      • edvisors said, is a great site – basically a college student membership rewards program. It is not Spam or Fraud. They gave out over $100,000 in scholarships last year.

  166. Dorothy Bell said,

    I think you have a point here. My son sent information to this USA Scholarship Services. I sent in a check and did not here from these people for a couple of months. I tried calling. I was unable to speak to someone on the phone; however, A person by the name of John called and left a message on my answering machine. This John left a number where I could contact him; however, when I called, it would always be his answering machine. A letter was mailed to me with a money order check for $25.00.
    The letter stated,” Enclose fund your refund. Thu program is designed for students already in college and not in high school. Sincerely yours, Ike Onwo, Director of Scholarship Services. It was all written in bad hand writting.
    I am so glad that I decided to go on the internet and here others have concerns about this scam. I am planning on doing more investigation concern this USA Scholarship Services.

    • Raycheal said,

      This has been so helpful to me, i had just finished filling out the application for the scholarship and decided to look up if “USA Scholarship Services” was creditable or not. I knew it was too good to be true, ya’ll saved me 27$ Now that i know its a scam. Thank you.

      • Marcia Dorsey said,

        I just received this in the mail as well. I am in need of scholarships, so I thought, HEY this is great. I thought it was akward to ask for money, but what the hell…I was going to fill out the application, but then it occurred to me i NEVER heard of this company before, so I decided to research it and ended up here. Thank you for putting this on the website. Now we need to report them!!

      • Marcia Dorsey said,

        also, i would like to add, that they changed it to nursing student…so far i’ve read they are for biology majors, computers, and other things! HA! WOW!

      • Tamekia said,

        Thanks so much, for all of your comments and this webpage. I recently was sent a letter from the USA scholarship services. When I first opened it I was so exicted, and a little skiptal. I was wondering how they knew what my major was and how they got my information. All I know is that I had been looking for different kinds of scholarships. I actually called my counselor so that he can help me fill it out. I filled out some of the application, wrote a check and waited until, I saw him. He was not in his office. I am so happy he wasn’t, because if he was, I would have probably sent it out! What a relief I have now. I just happened to not be busy at work and decided to look up this place. In the back of my mind, I had always figured why would you have to pay to process your application. Thanks again to all of you.

  167. jB said,

    Yes … you are exactly right … I just got mail from a so-called “USA Scholarship Services” …I knew it had to be a scam… what kind of mail is label “Scholarships for Biology Students?” I called the numbered to ask for the web address…….and you won’t beleive this. Some polite female answered the phone .. it was a recording. THE ANSWER WAS ALMOST LIKE A RESIDENT NUMBER. “Thank you for calling USA Scholarship Services, No one is able to answer your call at the present time. could you please4 leave a message after the tone. BEEP!” What was that……. what kind of organization has an answering machine at the initiation of a call. I didn’t even get a directory listing…… These scammer need to do better than that if they want me to even think about giving away my money!!! HAHAHA!
    Thank you for reading this!

    • Natoya said,

      I guess they listened to your suggestion because I received this same letter and when I called the number they answered this time. They also have a website set up. One could actually believe it is legitimate if you don’t research properly.

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