February 9, 2007

KY Students protest high tuition prices

Posted in Student Loan News at 10:49 AM by Joe From Boston

About 200 Kentucky college students protested in teh Kentucky capital’s rotunda yesterday. Read this great article here. 

By Nancy C. Rodriguez
nrodriguez@courier-journal.com – The Courier-Journal

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Chanting “Not on our backs” and “Give us some money,” about 200 students from the state’s public universities packed the Capitol Rotunda yesterday to urge state leaders to keep higher education affordable.

“We want more attention paid to higher education. We want a commitment from our state legislators and the governor’s office that higher education is going to remain a top priority in the budget,” said Jonah Brown, the University of Kentucky’s student body president.

A strong contingent of University of Louisville students also attended the rally. Many carried signs and pamphlets critical of the amount of funding that U of L received in the current budget.

“Students are going to have to make up for it in tuition dollars,” said Ashley Howarth, a biochemistry major from Louisville.

The students found an ally in Gov. Ernie Fletcher, who acknowledged that affordability is an issue.

“I don’t like the fact that tuition has increased 145 percent over the last 10 years,” said Fletcher, who during his State of the Commonwealth address on Tuesday called for the legislature to add $25 million in fiscal year 2007-08 for need-based financial aid.

The money would come from the state’s projected $401 million surplus.

“Without the ability to go to college, you can’t be all that you can be,” Fletcher said at the rally.

Many students said there is also a need to give universities bonding authority, which they say would give them more flexibility to fund projects such as residence halls and health centers.

“These are all projects that each university had a strong need for, but we have been basically held back by the state,” Brown said. “Every year we have to come and lobby.”

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