April 2, 2007

CT community colleges make pact with State school system

Posted in Student Loan News at 8:16 AM by Joe From Boston

Congrats to anyone at a Connecticut community college – this is great news for anyone earning an Associate’s Degree who dreams of getting a Bachelor’s Degree. Read the entire article here:
Pact eases student transfers in state colleges
HARTFORD, Conn. — Students at Connecticut’s two-year community colleges can more easily transfer to four-year state universities under an agreement signed Thursday.

Officials of the two-year and four-year public higher education systems signed a partnership that guarantees admission to state universities for community college students who meet specific guidelines.

The agreement affects Central Connecticut in New Britain, Eastern Connecticut in Willimantic, Southern Connecticut in New Haven and Western Connecticut in Danbury.

The partnership is “a framework to remove barriers, remove obstacles” to students who want to transfer credits to the Connecticut State University system, said Marc S. Herzog, chancellor of the state’s community college system.

Transfers from community colleges accounted for about 14 percent of students enrolling at the state universities in 2005.

The new agreement allows community college students to apply for guaranteed admission to the Connecticut State University system. Applicants who complete an associate’s degree with a 2.0 average in less than five years will be able to transfer at least 60 credits to enter Connecticut State University as a junior.

The transfer must take place within two years of completing the associate’s degree.

The state’s 12 two-year colleges have operated under numerous transfer agreements with four-year schools, but officials said the agreements were not always followed carefully and have been only partly successful.

“This time it’s for real,” said Manchester Community College President Jonathan M. Daube. “Students are going to notice the difference this time around.”

Because of a lack of clear rules or adequate counseling, students sometimes learn that their credits will not transfer or that they must take similar courses for a second time after they have transferred.


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