April 4, 2007

Private Student Loans Vs. Plus Loans

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Can’t get a Stafford Loan or you just need more money than what has been awarded to you? Well, you still have options!

Both the Plus Loans and the <a Private Student Loans are your next best option when you are in this situation. The big question that most people have is which one is better. That is a tricky questions because it really depends on the borrowers specific needs and preferences. These loans are very similar but have there differences so they work differently for different people.


Plus Loans


Disbursed directly to the school

Disbursed directly to the borrower

Fixed Interest Rate (currently 8.5%)

Variable Interest Rate (Credit Based)

Available to Parents and Grad Students

Available to all credit-worthy students

Based on Credit

Based on Credit

Borrow Cost of Attendance

Borrow Cost of Attendance

School Certified

Not School Certified

Fafsa Required

No Fafsa Required

Above are just a few of the differences and similarities of the Plus Loans and Private Student Loans. They both certainly have there good points and are worth taking a look into. For additional information on these loans visit <a www.ParentPlusLoan.com.

The Student Loan Network: Stafford Federal Student
, Parent PLUS Loans, Student Loan
, Private Student Loans


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