April 25, 2007

Stafford Loans for Foreign Enrolled Students

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What a lot of students dont realize is that they may still be eligible for Stafford Loans even though they are attending a school overseas. The process for the loan is somewhat different than the process for schools in the U.S.. Your first step is always to complete your Fafsa. This must be done in order to receive any Federal Financial Aid. Once your Fafsa is completed, typically, you would receive an award letter from your schools financial aid office. In the case of a Foreign School this most likely won’t happen. You will need to contact the school and let them know that you are applying for the loan. They will need a copy of a signed Promissory Note and your SAR. The SAR will come from the Department of Education and the Promissory Note will come from your lender. To obtain a Promissory Note, visit www.StaffordLoan.com and click apply online. Make sure to sign and mail your Promissory Note to the address mentioned on the application. Mail a copy of the MPN and the SAR to your school. Your school will then certify the loan and the funds will be disbursed.

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  1. Hola quisiera saber sobre mis hijos, mi pareja ytrabajo ya que se me dificulta mucho encontrar un buen recurso economico y la crisis economica es cada vez mayor en mi casa, mi fecha de nacimiento es 30 de mayo de 1975 a las 17:30 hrs. Le agradeceria su pronta respuesta.

  2. Kamaldeen said,

    Pls. My name is kamal and am a citezen from nigerian. Pls i’ll like you to assist me on this. Am a nigeria and trying to get a loan school in USA, where i can study my education, and my parent does’nt have enough money to sposor me. In addition , i dont have any any in USA to do the co-sign for me. And i wish to study in USA for good education pls help me to find a school that have lone for international student, especialy nigerian. I’ll happy if my request is granted.Thanks

  3. Anaid said,

    Hi im currently an undergraduate at a HS in California,the thing is i want to enroll in a foreign Univeristy (CETYS)but i dont have the money to fully pay for it,the university offers double degree,Mexico & USA but its not WASC approved ,so FAFSA is currently not accepted i would really appreciate if you could offer me some information.Thank You!

  4. Sharif Mahmud Bhuiyan said,

    I am a mechanical Engineer from Bangladesh. I need loan to study in USA. Please give me the information how i can be able to find a loan to study in USA with bank loans.

    Sharif Mahmud Bhuiyan
    Cell: + 8801746473162

  5. Jackie Guliano said,

    Hi –

    My name is Jackie and I am currently in my 3rd semester at University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine on the island of Sint Eustatius in the Dutch Caribbean. Recently, our school’s loan program from a private bank was pulled due to the economy and now several students, including myself cannot afford tuition and won’t be able to continue education for much longer without any financial aid. I have checked several of these websites and my school is not listed and therefore it is not possible to get loans from these sites. Is there something else I can do or somewhere else I can go? I have tried also private loans from banks but since I am not an independent it doesn’t seem to be possible. Please if anyone knows of any loan companies or private banks that help with international student loans please let me know. Thank you so much!!!

    • Amanda said,

      I am trying to find funding to attend a Masters program in Germany but the school is not on any pre-approved list…
      Did you find any information regarding your issue with tracking down funding?

      I would greatly appreciate any help/information you can offer.
      Thank you!

  6. Mamadise Marei said,

    i am a biomedicine student at midrand graduate institute. i am a very hard working student, i am in need of a loan or scholarship as my mother is not able to pay for me this second semester. is it possible to get a loan or scholarshipand then pay after my degree.i m really desperate

  7. mona said,

    hye, im a student who completed bachelor in biomedicine. however, i am very interested in doing medical degree, but financial problems stoping me to achive ny ambition. do you know any loan that can help me. thank you, hope you can help, i am a student from malaysia

  8. I”m not sure, Lauren, though I don’t see why not. Technically, you are now going for a different degree than you pursued previously. Would this be a Master’s degree, I’m guessing?

    If your schools is Title IV and accepts the FAFSA I don’t see why you wouldn’t receive any more aid, though your school would be able to give you better details.

  9. Lauren said,

    I’m a student in California and about to complete my degree, which will have taken me 4 years + 1 quarter. I attended EAP in the UK in the course of my progress toward this degree and while I was there I earned a diploma at the UK university because of the combination of courses I took, which made me eligible to return to the UK institution for 1 year to turn that diploma into a degree (it would be my second). I’d like to go to the UK university in the 09-10 academic year in order to get that degree, but wonder if I will be able to apply for financial aid? So far I have received aid all throughout my university career, so I don’t know if I’m eligible to receive it- like I said, I’m only going to be studying for 1 year in the UK at a uni that I know is covered by FAFSA and will be earning my second degree. Can I still apply for aid? ( I suppose it would be considered my 6th year of application for aid, even though I only will have attended uni this ‘fifth’ year for one quarter)

  10. DaveS said,

    Got accepted to finish my undergrad in Theology in Japan. And I am completely lost as to what to do. Because of the complications I was only able to start looking for loans today. Deadline is July 1st. Not looking. Any suggestions. I did see one website where they directly pay out to you, just wondering is this a good way to go?

  11. bhav said,

    How do i tell if my school is approved by stafford? Student loan Express does not have any funds to give my school at the moment and internationalstudent.com does not approve my school… so at the moment i’m stuck between a rock and hard place.. is there any other place i can go for my loans other than private ones since the non-private ones are already killing me..?

  12. […] in an approved US school and studying in the UK on a study abroad program of a year or less. The Foreign Enrolled Loan is for US students studying at least half-time at approved schools in the UK towards a full degree […]

  13. lachu said,

    I am currently a junior in highschool. I want to do Medicine in India. Since my parents can’t afford it, I need loans. Since I am an international student, I have to get into the college by NRI quota which really means, getting in to college by paying approximate amount of $119047{this is the amount for one college that Iam looking for} excluding the fees.
    Am I able to get this money and the fees eventhough I am a dependent student ?

  14. Cielo Cruzaedo said,

    I’m going to study at IED Madrid this Fall, I’m a US Citizen but my school doesn’t seem to be “approved” under any of the loan companies that are listed above or others that I’ve researched. Do you have any suggestions?

  15. Robin said,

    For Micah, Taylor and Dianne,
    I’m in the same boat as you. Starting Grad School in the Netherlands in September, if I can get my funding disbursed by June 30th. The irony is my second choice school costs twice as much, the program isn’t as stong but all I have to do is sign on the line and I have all the federal funding I need. It just kills me…

    Anyway, as for getting your school on the eligible list its seems to be quite a process and there is really no incentive for a foriegn school to do this. Here’s the website with that info: http://www.eligcert.ed.gov

    I would try contacting your undergrad university financial aid office or study abroad office for suggestions/help on loan info.

    SallieMae reps repeatedly told me I would be eligible for a loan but after logging much phone time turned out that wasn’t the case.

    Micah, if you have any luck in snagging a loan please share =)


    • Amanda said,

      I am in a similar situation as you mentioned a couple years ago. Can I ask what happened…or do you have any suggestions? I am trying to get my visa to get my masters in Germany…but have to have a large sum of money in my account to show that I can fund my studies.

      Suggestions, ideas, information of ANY kind is hugely appreciated!!!
      Thank you!

  16. Micah said,

    Forgot to add: Any ideas???

  17. Micah said,

    I have the same problem as Taylor and Dianne. I’ve been accepted in an International Business masters program at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and even though this is one of the largest universities in Spain and has been around since the 1960s, I still can’t find a loan that has this uni on its approved list. I have been working through my particular program to try to get UAB on the approved list for the Paras Foundation loans (www.isloan.org). Paras is not a fly by night operation, they work with some of the top business schools in the world, including ESADE, Rotterdam School of Management, REIMS Management School, etc.

    It has been a month since I started the process and the school still has not even sent an email to Paras to initiate the process (which I’m told would take 4-12 weeks to even get the school approved and then 4-8 weeks more for me to find out if my loan application is successful). I am very frustrated because my school doesn’t even have a Financial Aid office or financial aid counselor because the system works so much differently than the US education system. My program is really inexpensive (especially when compared with US grad schools) and I still feel that I have made 0 progress.

    To make matters worse, this all affects my student visa application because I have to show proof of funds equaling 1500 euros per month for a year, which is 18,000 euros (28,000 dollars at $1.55 p/Euro). My program is only 4,200 euros for the ENTIRE year, so my borrowing burden is increased due to bureaucratic demands. My catch 22 is that I can’t start my visa application until the school starts working with the loan company to get approved so that I can apply for the loan and thus show financial solvency for the student visa.

    • Amanda said,

      Hello, I am in the same situation you mentioned and am wondering what you learned through this process? Any information you can share?

      I’m feeling a bit lost as I can find no information regarding funding. Any information whatsoever is hugely appreciated.
      Thank you!

  18. Taylor said,

    I’m in a similar situation to Dianne. I’m also a U.S. citizen, though I attend college in Austria (the Vienna University of Technology). I’ve searched all over the internet and can’t find a single loan (private or otherwise) that I’m eligible for since my school isn’t on any approved lists. I might understand if my school were small and unknown, but it’s one of the highest ranked technical universities in all of Europe, with nearly 20,000 students. Are there any loans I could qualify for without attending a school on a pre-approved list? And how difficult would it be for me to get a school on one of these lists? Any advice would be appreciated.

  19. dianne said,

    I’m a U.S. Citizen applying to graduate school in Japan, but my school is never on the “approved” list for federal loans (International University of Japan). Is there any way I can get it on that list? It kills me that of all the foreign schools that the U.S. disburses loans to, that there’s only ONE school in all of Japan that they’ll do that for! Anyway, I hope you can help!


  20. Hello Hyder,

    You may qualify for the stafford loan. Not knowing the Indian university system very well, I’m not sure where to point you. There is a good resource for foreign-enrolled students, http://www.InternationalStudent.com – I’d look at that site if I were you, you might find something to help you.

  21. hyder said,

    I’m trying to enroll into Deccan Medical College in Hyderabad, India. I was born in New York and will be finishing high school my family cannot pay for my college and i know about the foreign enrolled loan what else can i look at thnx

  22. Hello Salman,

    I don’t have any information handy about a US student going to school in India, but I would recommend you start by visiting InternationalStudent.com – it’s a great site designed for any student who will be studying outside their home country.

    I’m not sure if an Indian school would accept a Stafford Loan, but it’s worth filling out the FAFSA just in case. Call your school and ask what they’ve done for other foreign students.

    Also, try scholarships – you may qualify for both US and Indian scholarships, so look long and hard.

    Your last resort would be private loans, as the money is normally sent to you and not the school, but they have the highest interest rates and worst loan terms, so try everything else first.

    Good luck and have a great time – I loved visiting India, it’s a wonderful country!

  23. salman said,

    I’m a senior in high school and i plan on attending medical school in India. Financially my parents aren’t doing so well. I need loans pretty bad to further my career. Any advice on how i can obtain loans from the United States to fund my studies?

  24. That’s a good explanation of how the Stafford loan system works for all US students, home and abroad. Thanks for sharing it and enlightening us.

  25. Daniel said,

    After reading this post I was able to get one. It was a great help.

  26. Hello Dziiba,

    The answer to your question really depends on where you are going to school. TERI is a well-known not profit with a good reputation. Student Health Xpress is a part of Student Loan Xpress.

    You might be able to find more information at http://www.InternationalStudent.com – it’s a great reference for people studying outside their home country. Also, try calling your school and ask what types of foreign aid they accept.

    Good Luck! Studying in a foreign country is a great experience! (I got my master’s degree in the UK)

  27. dziiba said,

    I wanted to find out more information about getting loans to attend a foreign medical school.

    I can only apply through Student Health Xpress and Teri. Are there other options available for me.

    thank you

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