April 27, 2007

Unsure Who Your Lenders Are?

Posted in Misc at 10:44 AM by kpops

So many students have borrowed loans over the years and have not kept records of who their lenders are or even how much they have borrowed in loans. Due to the recent suspension of access to NSLDS (National Student Loan Database System), it has been very difficult for students to locate this information. Most students are getting ready to graduate and are looking to repay or consolidate the loans that they have. Consolidation Lenders have been unable to provide detailed information or details on the consolidation process due to the lack of information available.

Students should always know who their lenders are and should be aware of the resources available to them to responsibly handle student loans. If you are unsure who your lenders are, you can locate this information a few different ways.

1. Visit www.StudentLoanConsolidator.com and click on loan locator. This site will link you directly to the the Department of Educations Loan Database.
2. Contact your Schools Financial Aid Office
3. Visit www.StudentLoanForm.com. This site will link you directly to the Department of Educations Loan Database.

Now, you have all your loan details including who your lenders, what your rates are, and when these loans need to be repayed. Now you are ready to consolidate!

The Student Loan Network: Stafford Federal Student Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, Student Loan Consolidation, Private Student Loans



  1. Idetrorce – interesting comment, but you fail to explain yourself.

    You don’t feel students should know who their lenders are? Or you don’t think they should be able to look them? Or perhaps you don’t agree with consolidation in general?

  2. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. Daniel said,

    I was in a situation where I didn’t know who my lender was. I became self-employed after College and then was ‘hunted down’ a few years later for not paying. I simply didn’t know who to pay it to! I managed to pay it in full anyway, but I would definately advise all to make sure that they know who their lender is!

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