August 4, 2007

Congratulations, Arkansas! More kids going to college

Posted in Student Loan News at 12:30 PM by Joe From Boston

This should make Arkansas parents smile!  Read the whole article here at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Luring students from high school to college can be a struggle for Arkansas colleges and universities that compete with a healthy job market, out-of-state colleges and families unfamiliar with the state’s system of higher education, the interim director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education said.

“The world of higher education can be very intimidating for people who have no experience with it,” said Steve Floyd, who was named to the post June 27.

Floyd will present a report on the state’s college-going rate to the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board on Friday at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Last fall, 62 percent of students who recently graduated from high school or completed the General Education Development Exam enrolled in an Arkansas college or university. That’s a slight decline from the previous year, when the rate was 63. 9 percent, but a jump from 10 years ago when it was 54. 8 percent, according to the annual report by the Higher Education Department.

Twenty years ago, only 42. 9 percent of Arkansans went immediately from high school to college. The state is now much closer to the national average of 68. 6 percent in 2005, the latest figure available, said Kathy Van Laningham, vice provost for planning at UA-Fayetteville.

“We have made huge strides,” she said.

Read the whole article here at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.