August 24, 2007

Congratulations, Chris and the Financial Aid Podcast!

Posted in Misc at 12:49 PM by Joe From Boston

I just want to congratulate my colleague, Chris Penn, for being featured in a Business Week article!  You can read the entire article on line, but here’s the excerpt about Chris:

Christopher Penn belts out the news with the smooth delivery of a professional radio broadcaster. But he is actually chief technology officer of Edvisors Network, a 20-person, $6 million company in Quincy, Mass., that works with banks to market student loans. Nearly every weekday since 2005, Penn has recorded a 10-minute podcast about financial aid and scholarships for college students and their parents.

Each episode attracts about 3,500 listeners in the 90-day period Penn tracks responses. Edvisors earns fees by referring people seeking loans to banks, and Penn credits the podcasts with boosting revenues by about 5% last year.

Penn spends an hour a day on the podcasts. To record, he uses a MacBook Pro equipped with GarageBand podcasting software, broadband Internet access, and a $99 microphone from a music store. He has built an audience by e-mailing people who receive the company newsletter, and by setting up a blog,, on which he posts notes about each episode. The blog also helps people searching on Google to find the podcast, as most searches are built around text, not audio. Penn registered the podcast on, so people can find it via iTunes. And in 2006, Edvisors started an affiliate program to syndicate the program to other Web sites. Penn also plays music from new artists at the end of each show. “When you promote someone else, they are likely to promote you, too,” he says, adding that 5% to 10% of traffic comes through links from those musicians’ sites. After about 550 episodes, Penn is going strong: “I still look forward to it, and I still have lots to talk about.”



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