September 17, 2007

Scholarship Soap Box – Part 1

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Scholarships are all in the mind.

No, really, it’s true.

I hear from people alot that scholarships are hard to find and for such small denominations that they’re not worth it. My immediate response is “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?”

People, lets look at this logically:

  • Scholarships
  • Student Loans
    • You MUST pay them back, plus interest
    • You often pay more than double the original loan amount.
    • Federal loans often don’t cover all your costs, forcing you to look at private lenders which have even higher interest rates

So you have to fill out an application and maybe write an essay. So what?

You spend 20 minutes writing an essay and another 10 minutes filling out the application, for a scholarship worth $500. If you win that scholarship, you’ve essentially been “working” for a “salary” of $1000 per hour. Man, I wish I could make that.

Yeah, $500 doesn’t sound like months when you’re chipping away at $30,000, but if you win 6 $500 scholarships you’ve just covered 10% of your college costs. That is definitely worth it.

If you’re avoiding scholarships, you’re just plain lazy and I would even say you don’t deserve the money.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of this rant.


  1. HI Brittany,

    I have to disagree with you. It really is easy. You put the finger right on your own problem – you were app;ying for scholarships that required writing essays about why you wanted to study something in particular. Since you didn’t know, it sounds like you sort of shot yourself in the foot. In cases like yours, you want to look for scholarships with different requirements. For example, there are scholarships where the essay requirements focus on why nature is important to you, music is important to you, etc. It is VERY important to focus on the requirements and think about whether you can even write an essay that they’re looking for.

    As for me, I’m out of school, so I’m not looking for scholarships anymore. But I did win several scholarships for college, including one that I won my sophomore year that was a free ride for the last 2 years of school. It was a scholarship for women in the sciences from the Claire Boothe Luce foundation. So yes, I firmly believe that scholarships are your best option and I’m living proof of what you can attain.

  2. brittany said,

    Sorry, but I have had very bad experiences with scholarships. In my senior year thats all I heard about, and I wrote dozens of stupid essays and did not receive so much as a “Sorry, you didn’t get it” note from any of the sources whose scholarships I applied for. I waited for these magical scholarships and it was like all the essays I wrote were heaped in a trash bin somewhere. I believe the problem was that I was undecided about my major, and most scholarship essays are about why you want to study a particular thing. Was I supposed to make something up? Perhaps you are getting a scholarship for ranting about the topic on this website? Is it really as easy as you say…?

  3. Hi Deshwana,

    I’m sorry, but I’m the wrong person to ask, without knowing more about yor situation. The best person to talk to would be the financial aid officer at your school.

  4. deshawna hernandez said,

    to whom it may concern i just check my mail and just wonderin how i apply for an student loan

    thank you ,
    Deshawna Hernandez

  5. HI Mathieu,

    I’m sorry but there’s no way I can help you. The best source of advice would be to talk to the financial aid officers at the school you wish to go to. They can help you look at your available options. I would also recommend which is a great resource for people looking to study outside their native country.

  6. Mouzoun Mathieu said,

    Please ,help me to find a scholarship to study in the USA.
    If realy unavailable,find me a loan and when I ll be there I can work and pay back it.
    Thanks and may God bless you.
    Mathieu Mouzoun

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