October 28, 2007

Need a scholarship? Get creative in your searching

Posted in Scholarships at 8:10 AM by Joe From Boston

So you need a scholarship, and you finally sit down at your computer, open your web browser of choice… and you type in the word “scholarships”.

What on earth do you think you’re doing????

You type in “scholarships” – what are you expecting to get in return? In Yahoo I got 92,300,000 results, in Google I got 32,800,000 results.  There is now way you’re going to go through 32 million or more results.  You’d reach retirement age long before you finish.

So lets do a little planning and see what went wrong.

1) Your search term

Be specific!  Like I spoke about in my previous post on what makes you unique, you need to think about what makes you special and what your interests are.  These are your search terms to type into Google, Yahoo or whatever search engine you use.

2) Plan first

I hear the groans already – “what do you mean I need to plan?” or “I’ve got enough planning to do already for college!”   Well yes, and this is part of it.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have rich parents who can pay for your college tuition entirely, yo’ll need help and scholarships are your best bet.  So take the time to plan out step 1.  Don’t just sit at the computer and type, put a lot of thought into it first and the results will be soooooooo much better.



  1. josep daniel said,

    thank for your concern, “iam a very hard working student, not in word but in deed, i am presently making a research on how to create solar power in diferent forms, but i have now the result yet, and my deams is to create greate eventions, because that is my carear i have an abiliity of engineering, including aironatic ingineering, but it is difficult do be done base on finance ,i find it difficult to get my ego,done but my dreams is to do geate things and ineventions, my pledge is to see how you we help me and carry my dreame through,” thanks.

  2. Hi Odoemena,

    I can’t look up scholarships for you, but why don’t you try free resources on the internet? THere are many free scholarship databases, such as StudentScholarshipSearch.com/. You can also try winning scholarships through programs like ScholarshipPoints.com. ALso, be sure to use Google or your favorite search engine!

    Don’t forget the more traditional scholarship routes, too. Check with your church/temple/mosque, your school and local organizations. Many offer scholarships to members or children in the community.

    And don’t scoff at $500 – win four $500 scholarships, and you suddenly have $2000. The money adds up fast, so don’t overlook anything!

  3. odoemena zita said,

    I need scholarship so as to continue my education in the university.Will you please help me?

  4. Hi Julix,

    I see you are from the UK and I’m not as familiar with the financial aid system there (I had to pay out of pocket for my MSc), but in the US scholarships are essentially free money towards tuition. You don’t have to pay it back, so it’s much better than loans.

    Scholarships and grants will always be your best bet financially because you do not need to repay them. Loans need to be repaid after graduation and can saddle you with debt for years. I have 2 friends that are doctors and both have well over $100,000 in student loan debt.

  5. julix said,

    what are the major reasons why students need scholarships

  6. Hi Logan, I don’t have any knowledge personally, but you can find what you’re looking for by looking online. Try google, yahoo or you preferred search engine. Better yet, try multiple search engines because each will give you slightly different results.

    Also, try search tools like http://www.StudentScholarshipSearch.com that are essentially scholarship directories that are easily searchable.

    Good luck!!

  7. Logan Scarlett said,

    Looking for scholarship to go to a professional golf college in South Carolina.
    Can you direct me?

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