November 27, 2007

College Prep advice for parents on TV 11/27/2007 at 8pm EST

Posted in Saving for College at 2:22 PM by Joe From Boston

According to (see page 7), a television program developed by the US Department of Education will air tonight on DISH Network and many PBS Stations.  The press release states:

How to Pay, Why College is Important, What’s Being Done to Improve Higher Education

Tips for parents on how to help their children prepare for college will be among the topics explored tonight in the U.S. Department of Education’s monthly TV show, Education News Parents Can Use, in a program entitled, “Higher Education: Ensuring America’s Competitive Edge.”

The program will be carried from 8 to 9 p.m. ET Tuesday on the Dish Network, dozens of PBS stations and numerous cable outlets. Others, including The Learning Channel, will broadcast the show on a tape-delayed basis. A complete listing of viewing options is available at In addition, the program will be available as an archived webcast at

This program will examine:
• Why is a college education more important than ever before? What federal, state and local strategies are helping us to meet this demand?
• When should parents and students start thinking about saving for college, and what programs and resources are available to help?
• How can we help students, especially minority youth, prepare for and succeed in college?
• How accessible is higher education? And how can we make it more affordable?
• How are the Commission on the Future of Higher Education’s final report and the Secretary’s Action Plan improving the accessibility, affordability and accountability of U.S.
colleges and universities?


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