December 6, 2007

Republican Leaders on Mitt Romney’s education advisery panel

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According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, some congressional leaders of the republican party are helping Mitt Rmoney’s educationplans.

McKeon, Hickok to Advise Romney on Education

Two Congressional Republican leaders on education and a former deputy secretary of education under President Bush will be among the members of a new group advising Mitt Romney on education policy.

Reps. Howard P. (Buck) McKeon and Thomas E. Petri will be Congressional co-chairmen of the panel, which is tasked with advising the Republican presidential candidate on “issues pertaining to strengthening America’s education system and ensuring that future generations are prepared to meet new challenges.” Mr. McKeon, of California, is a former chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, and is now its senior Republican member. Mr. Petri, of Wisconsin, is a senior member and former vice chairman of the committee.

Also serving on the Romney panel is Eugene W. Hickok, who stepped down as deputy education secretary in 2005. Mr. Hickok was known as a forceful proponent of making colleges more accountable for graduating their students in a timely fashion.

Several of the panel’s other appointees worked on education policy in the Bush administration or under other Republican presidents. The co-chairwoman, Nina Rees, was the assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement at the Education Department and a onetime domestic-policy aide to Vice President Dick Cheney. The group also includes two of Mr. Romney’s former education advisers from his term as governor of Massachusetts.