January 4, 2008

Do I really need to file a FAFSA?

Posted in FAFSA at 1:18 PM by Joe From Boston

If you want Federal financial aid, then you MUST file a FAFSA.  Without it you will not be eligible for any Federal financial aid such as the Stafford and PLUS loans, and not filling it out may make you ineligible for aid from your school or institution – many schools require the FAFSA to qualify for their own aid.

Indeed, this is what gets many people into trouble.  They assume they don’t need to fill it out – or decide they don’t want to fill out he form because it is so complicated, then come school time they find themselves desperate for financial aid.

We receive hundreds of calls from people during the first month of term who are madly scrambling to find ways to pay for school.  If they’d filled out the FAFSA, they would have many more options available, and wouldn’t be stuck in that situation!


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