February 12, 2008

You really want scholarships

Posted in Scholarships at 11:34 AM by Joe From Boston

Again and again I hear from people who don’t apply for scholarships.  When I ask them why, the response I get most often is that it’s not worth their effort.

I am completely flabbergasted by this mindset!!

People – scholarships are FREE MONEY.  Literally – you don’t pay it back.

Loans must be paid back, workstudy requires hours and hours of your time in return for a small wage.  Scholarships may take an hour or two of your time – completing an essay or some such.

But really – scholarships are the best return you can get.  I mean, $1000 for spending two hours on an essay – that’s $500 an hour.  I wish I earned that!

But, you say, I won’t get every scholarship!

No, of course you won’t.  But most scholarships ask for similar if not identical essay topics.  Use your time wisely – apply to lots of scholarships with the same essay requirements.  Suddenly those 2 hours could be worth a lot of money!!!


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  1. financialaidpodcast said,

    Shayla Price applied for 60 scholarships, won 15 of them.


    For four years.

    I interviewed her about how she did it on the Financial Aid Podcast!

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