April 15, 2008

Washington Post Editorial cartoon parodies student loan “crisis”

Posted in Student Loan News at 2:22 PM by Joe From Boston

You want to see this, trust me.  This will make you laugh, even if it is ruefully:


You may need to register for a free account to access this cartoon.



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  4. College Admissions said,

    There is a great discussion on this topic that you can listen to online at:


    This webinar features 5 financial aid experts who answer students’ question on the availability of financial aid during these uncertain economic times.

  5. Diane said,

    Hi Monique,
    I’m a reporter at NBC News, doing some research on the topic covered by the WashPost article that you linked to on April 11.. i’m looking for any students & parents that are actually having trouble securing a loan, or lost a loan.. wondering if you’ve had any contact with people in that situation? Please email me if so! Much appreciated,


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