June 3, 2008

Rep. Baca introduces legistlation to forgive student loans for all teachers at public schools

Posted in Misc at 7:16 AM by Joe From Boston

According to the press release which I finally got a hold of, Rep. Joe Baca of California introduced new legislation to forgive student loans for teachers who server 5 years at any public school in America.

Click here to read the full press release. Here’s an excerpt:

“Teaching is one of the most important professions in our society – yet too often, America’s educators find themselves underpaid, and overworked with high class sizes,” said Rep. Baca.

“The TEACH for our Future Act will help provide up to $25,000 in student loan relief to any teacher, regardless of the subject matter or part of the country they teach, as long as he or she has completed five years of quality work in one of our nation’s public schools.”

The TEACH for our Future Act … authorizes the Secretary of Education to repay up to $25,000 of a student loan for any teacher who completes five full-time school years at an elementary or secondary school. Previous government loan forgiveness programs for teachers have only provided relief to teachers who have taught specific subject matters, such as math and science, or in high-needs and difficult to staff rural or inner-city teaching districts. This legislation keeps these specific loan forgiveness programs intact, but also broadens the scope of such programs to include all public school teachers in the United States, and increases the level of debt relief to $25,000.



  1. When will they start creating new legistlation that covers people who work in general for so many years?

    What about the blue collar worker that could not get a professional job?

    Should he or she be more enslaved for their vocation or lack of profression?

    As we all know education is no gurantee.

    These loans are crippling a lot of people and our economy, when will we not enslave our citizens and our system for educating itself or trying to better oneself.

  2. Paula Angelique Hafner said,

    It’s a start

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