June 27, 2008

Families Wonder if College Worth the Cost

Posted in Misc at 12:14 PM by Joe From Boston

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that 78% of Illinois familes aren’t sure that college is worth the current high cost of attendance.

Read the excerpt below or click here to read the whole article.

Fewer than one in 10 Illinois residents feels strongly that college is worth the cost, a new
survey has found, leading some educators to worry that more families might begin foregoing
college if costs continue to rise.
A survey out Tuesday found strong support from just 7.8 percent of 1,150 people who were
asked if “college students today are getting their money’s worth.”
While more than half agreed “somewhat” with that statement, former University of Illinois
president Stanley Ikenberry said the results are worrisome.
“If I had my way, 100 percent would agree,” he said. “The cost of college tuition levels have
gone up quite substantially over the last half-dozen years, and the public really does feel the
pain of that.”
Two-thirds of those responding to the survey said students have to borrow too much to go
to college.
The report also found that only 11 percent of residents thought Illinois’ public universities
were “excellent;” many thought the state’s higher education system was simply on par with
other states’. For years, educators have prided themselves on having some of the top rated
U.S. colleges.



  1. Ebony said,

    It wasn’t worth the cost at all. I had no understanding about finance, nothing at all. The only thing i was told was to take out loans on a daily basis so that I can go to school now I am paying a 120,000 morgage. That doesn’t even include the federal student loan at 6.8. I don’t even have a house yet. Since bankruptcy is a thing of the past, i can not start my life. I was better off NOT going to college, and having my credit rating in tact so i can at least move on with my life. Right now i am stuck, I have no idea what to do, and I am considering suicide as a way out. Because I tried to do the right thing and it blew up in my face.

  2. John said,

    I think I’m gonna be tracking your blog more often 🙂

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