July 17, 2008

An educated consumer gets the best deals paying for college

Posted in Student Loan News, The Financial Aid Process at 1:26 PM by Joe From Boston

…And Congress wants to make sure you’re more educated about college costs and what your options are. The Boston Herald is reporting that Congress is “trying to take the mystery out of the forever-rising costs of higher education by mandating that colleges provide students and their parents more information about how much the average student pays for school, what kind of tuition help they might be able to secure and which universities offer the best bang for the buck. Congress is also calling for an annual “blacklist” of schools with the steepest cost increases.”

But will this help or just create more paperwork for college staff?

Well the jury’s out on that one. Read the whole article here and let me know what you think!



  1. […] Source:An educated consumer gets the best deals paying for college […]

  2. Lol, Chris, you have a great point there. Sort of like how the Clear Skies Act was going to roll back pollution safeguards to the 1970s levels?

  3. Congress would be lucky to find its backside with both hands and a flashlight.

    Whatever their legislation is named, it typically does the opposite. Patriot Act? Make a bunch of people criminals. College Cost Reduction and Access Act? Drive a bunch of lenders out of business so that fewer kids can go to school. About the only one they got right was CAN SPAM – under that legislation, spam is okay.

    Their latest interest in college data already exists. The National Center for Education Statistics has GIGABYTES of data about college – everything in their laundry list and plenty more.

    Congress ideally should sit on its hands and get out of the way of the American citizenry – the folks who actually DO stuff and make our country work.

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