August 18, 2008

Sen. McCain outlines higher education agenda

Posted in Misc at 2:51 PM by Joe From Boston

Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain outlined his higher education agenda recently.  Here is an excerpt courtesy of

Presumptive Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) issued his higher education agenda last week that focuses on the six policy goals, including fixing the student lending programs. They are:

  • Prepare for the 21st Century in Higher Education—encourage government to support innovative approaches to education, removing regulatory barriers that prevent us from moving forward with new ideas.
  • Improve Information for Parents—make institutional information available to families in a clear and concise manner to help students make more informed choices about higher education.
  • Simplify Higher Education Tax Benefits—simplifying the existing tax benefits to ensure that a greater number of families have a lower tax burden when they are helping to send their children to college.
  • Simplify Federal Financial Aid—Senator McCain charges that too many programs and a complicated application process deter many eligible students from seeking student aid and that the number of programs also makes it more difficult for financial aid officers to help students navigate the process. Consolidating programs will help simplify the administration of these programs, and help more students have a better understanding of their eligibility for aid.
  • Improve Research by Eliminating Earmarks—eliminate earmarks to improve the federal government’s support for university research.
  • Fix the Student Lending Programs—Senator McCain proposes an expansion of the lender-of-last resort capability of the federal student loan system and will demand the highest standard of integrity for participating private lenders. He also contends that effective reforms and leveraging the private sector will ensure the necessary funding of higher education aspirations, and create a simpler and more effective program in the process.


  1. Katie –
    Has your daughter taken out Stafford Loans? That’s your best bet for borrowing money to cover school, followed by the Parent PLUS loan. If you’ve been denied for a PLUS loan, send your rejection letter to her school and she’s qualify for more unsubsidized Stafford money.

    Also, how much time has she put into looking for scholarships? There are millions of dollars that go unclaimed each year because people don’t apply, so get your daughter researching right away!

  2. katie said,

    I am a mother a student who is entering her second year of college. She received some help for school but not enough. I work everyday and I still can not make enough to pay for her college. Last year I was on a payment plan so she can return the next year term. This year I’m not sure I can do the same. I’m barely making it now. I’m working pay check to pay check. Her cost to go to school is 17thousand plus. I make just a little over that a year. I’m doing my best to send her through college. I just want a little break or help. So that she can go. I really want her to go to school so that she can make a better life for herself. Her father died over 15 years ago. So please tell me want I can do to get help.

    Thank You so Much


  3. Neal Watzman said,

    How about really fixing the system and considering things like tuition relief and incentives to colleges to lower it. College costs have gotten really out of hand, with no end in sight.

    And, as a result, we selling out the future of our children and this country.

    McCain’s plan as described in this post, sounds like another politician opening their mouth.

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