October 1, 2008

Presidential Campaigns Differ on How to Pay for College

Posted in Student Loan News at 10:31 AM by Joe From Boston

Both Obama and McCain agree there’s a problem.  But they have different views on how to solve it.  The Associated Press has a great article that breaks down exactly what each candidate has pledged.

Read the whole article here which has a detailed break down by type of funding, or see the excerpt below:

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain have offered similar campaign pronouncements: A college education should be affordable to anyone, and the process of getting federal aid is more complicated than it should be.

But there are differences in how each would tackle the problem.

Obama’s proposals are more detailed — and more expensive. They reflect an assumption that government should do more to help students pay for college.

McCain’s proposals are more general and emphasize streamlining the aid system — improving but not necessarily expanding it. He calls for making more information available to parents and eliminating wasteful spending on pork-barrel university research projects.

Both candidates pledge to simplify financial aid.”


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