December 12, 2008

PBS Online Newshour – 2 specials on the risign cost of colleges

Posted in Graduate Students, Parent PLUS Loans, Private Loans, Saving for College, Stafford Loans, Student Loan News, The Financial Aid Process at 7:47 AM by Joe From Boston

This is must-read stuff for those of you struggling to pay, or those of you preparing to pay in the near future.

  • Part 1:
    Rising Tuition, Credit Crunch Threaten Affordability of Higher Education -“A new study on American higher education gave all but one state a failing grade on affordability, and warned that college could soon be out of reach for most Americans.”
  • Part 2:
    Colleges Students Squeezed by Rising Costs, Less Aid -“More college students and their families are struggling to afford tuition at public institutions due to increasing costs and state funding cuts in education. John Tulenko of Learning Matters Television takes a look at the impact of rising higher education costs in the second of a two-part series.”


  1. With the economy the way it is, student loans will be affected and it will become harder for studnts to attend school.

  2. Annalise Kaylor said,

    For working adults who are looking to go back to school, the following podcast gives a good overview of financial aid options that are available:

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