March 25, 2009

Private Colleges unsure how they will be affected by new GI Bill

Posted in Legislation Affecting Students at 7:34 AM by Joe From Boston

Public colleges have a pretty clear-cut path ahead of them, but the fine print just isn’t there for private colleges and universities.  USA Today is reporting that many schools want to participate, of course, but given the deadline looming so soon, they really want clarification on how exactly all his will work.

“For public colleges and universities, the terms of the new bill appear to be relatively clear-cut. It essentially covers tuition and fees for any eligible veteran pursuing an undergraduate degree in his or her home state.

…[For private college], the federal government will pay up to what it would have cost to enroll in the highest-priced undergraduate program at an in-state public school. Schools that charge more and agree to put up a certain amount of money toward the difference can get federal matching money to help close the gap.

Federal lawmakers, too, question whether the federal government will be able to resolve all of its concerns in time to meet the Aug. 1 deadline.

“I think it is fair to say that getting the new GI Bill up and running is proving to be a far more complex task than anyone thought,” Rep. John Boozman, R-Ark., said at a hearing last month of a House Veterans’ Affairs subcommittee, where he is the ranking Republican member.”