June 8, 2009

Why go to college? Less Unemployment!

Posted in Misc at 2:10 PM by Joe From Boston

I hear a lot of horror stories from people who can’t pay back their loans, but for most people college is a really good investment.  Lest you still not be sure, take a look at ehse figures from the Wall Street Journal:

“The unemployment rate for workers over 25 years old who haven’t gone beyond high school rose to 10% in May, nearly doubling from 5.2% a year earlier, the government said Friday. Among workers who haven’t completed high school, the unemployment rate rose to 15.5%, compared with 8.4% last year.

By contrast, the jobless rate among those with four-year college degrees was 4.8%, up considerably from 2.3% a year ago, but well below the rate for people with less education.”



  1. I agree to this! That concerns me a lot due to the ecomony where college kids cannot pay back their loans at all,which they cannot find work. The loan companies continue to opress these students who cannot find work.I don’t understand why loan companies want to do people like that! I don’t think nobody should be fooling with loans because they will take creditiblity and a lot of things away from a person. That’s not right and fair at all when people are trying to look for jobs! I don’t think loan companies shouldn’t even exist, they don’t care but they want to opress folks who are unemployed and cannot afford payments. There should be a band to even borrow money from banks and loan companies. People might disagree, but so many college students cannot pay their loans. They should just stick with grant and scholarship. That’s why fannie mac went down the drain. loan companies should go down the drain that’s how I feel.

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