November 12, 2009

Parent Plus Loan Forgiveness Conditions

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If you have taken out a PLUS Loan to help pay for your child’s education, all or part of it may be cancelled (forgiven) for several reasons. You may qualify for total or partial loan forgiveness if:

  • The school closed within 90 days of your child’s enrollment and they were unable to finish their program of study.
  • The school did not properly qualify your child’s status before they began studies.
  • You did not receive a refund that was due to you.
  • Your signature was forged.
  • The school did not properly evaluate your child’s ability to benefit from the coursework before beginning studies.
  • You become totally and permanently disabled.
  • If you or the dependent for whom the loan was borrowed, dies
  • Your loan is discharged due to bankruptcy. (Typically, student loans cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy.) Consult your legal counsel regarding your particular situation.


  1. Fernandez-Aponte said,

    I took a parent plus loan and my son was suspended for a year and a half from the school Art Center of College of Design because he did not arrive to the minimum score from the school that is 2.5 he got 2.3. The program that he was Transportation Design only can found in California or Detroit. We live in Arizona and now as a Parent I have to paid this loan without no college degree completed over a $67,000 for only a year in the school. Somebody can advise to me what to do?? Please!!!

  2. karla C. said,

    Where can I apply for loan forgiveness?

  3. Maria Trujillo said,

    I have a parent plus I have not worked for the past 10 years I don’t have money to pay and at the time that they approved me I was not working what can’t i do I .

  4. carol baker said,

    I have a friend who has 80 thou in student plus loans….how if any can they get some reliefe???

  5. Gary Varner said,

    My wife and I used parent plus loans for both of our children. When my wife and I were both working, making the payments ($700 a month) was not too much trouble. However, at the age of 49 my wife suddenly passed away as a result of cancer. Now the payment is extremely difficult and it now appears that my job is being eliminated thus becoming unemployed. Is there any loan forgiveness for my situation? I need help and not sure where to turn.

    • Mariss said,

      If your wife die and took a loan alone for any of your kids, you have to send her death certificate to your loan services and that loan is going to be forgiven.

  6. joann said,

    I am new at this. I need imformation on how i can get a loan forgiveness.

  7. joann said,

    I took a parent plus loan out for my son because the school said he one point short for his scholarship.I had to go out of town for this school.

  8. Royce said,

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it
    for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks

  9. Cheryl Rambo said,

    I took out a parent plus loan to send my daughter to school total of 16,000.00 now it is 27,000.00 with penalties. I was is harsh health condition and was disable but not enought to receive diability. I was in some disable program for a while with this loan but information got lost in the system. They were not able to find information therefore my status became default. I ‘ve work some but have not been able to find permanent employment. I had my daughter to pay into a program where you make several consecutive payment and then placed into consolidation. This week I was contacted by another company with an attack of taking every thing if I didnot pay this loan. I am not working and I am not able to pay this large sum of money.

    Can anybody help me please

  10. russell said,

    This happened to me. My son forged my signature on a parent plus loan for a total of over $23,000. Now, with interst , fines and penalties , it is over $48,000. I didn’t know about it till last week when a debt collector agency contacted me.

    I am 67 and nmy son is now 41 and been out of school for 19 years. I can’t believe after all those years I never knew about it.

    Can anybody give me some advice?

    • Jessica said,

      Well if you read the top part of the page it says that a parent borrower may be eliglible for loan forgivenss if their signature was forged on the papers.

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