November 23, 2009

Substitues for a Parents Signature

Posted in Parent PLUS Loans tagged , at 10:50 AM by dbonvie

Although parent information must be provided for a dependent student when completing the FAFSA, a high school counselor or a college aid administrator may sign the application in place of a parent if:

  • the parents are not currently in the United States andcannot be contacted by normal means,
  • the current address of the parents is not known, or
  • the parents have been determined physically or mentally incapable of providing a signature

The signer must provide his or her title in parentheses next to their signature and briefly state the reason (only one is needed) why they are signing for the parents. The signer assures a minimum level of credibility in the data submitted, however, they do not assume any responsibility or liability in this process.

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