December 28, 2011

Student Loan Options for 2012

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Looking into our crystal ball, we see tuitions continuing to rise.  At the same time, state and federal governments are reducing the amount of funding available to pay for college.  For a quick refresher on your financial aid options, check out our Financial Aid Roadmap to get some insight.

The bottom line, you are going to have to be creative in funding your child’s education going forward.  Search for scholarships, talk with your financial aid office, ask friends and family for help.  As a last options, consider loans.  Some tops student loan sites include:


  1. Elroy said,

    I am the primary caretaker for my child who was a victim of a crime in 06′ that left him blind and chronically disabled. I have been able to hold off the student loan wolves through deferments. Now, the well runs dry and they are thirsty again.
    Are there forgiveness programs for caretakers?

    Are there cases where one can effectively lobby personally and have there loans written off?
    Please help

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  3. johanna49 said,

    Andrew Ross, Professor at NYU, is only one of many intelligent, educated people interested in seeing all student loan debt written off and public higher education made available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Please visit for more information on this campaign. Many thanks to all.

  4. Student Loan Options for 2012 - Answers to the most common Financial questions - The Financial Resource said,

    […] Student Loan Info for Parents […]

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